The Entrepreneurs

Until I get my new Channel built, here is a link to all of the Entrepreneurs (30+) that I have been so fortunate to interview & feature on the On the Road with iV show . You can check watch all of the segments (100+ :-D!!!) on my new channel or in the WATCH section of the CLUB E site.


04.15.09 – KRISSTINA WISE, The Goodlife Team

04.10.09 – MARK DOWDS, Brainpark

04.01.09 – KIM OVERTON. Spibelt

03.27.09 – MATT MULLENWEG. WordPress & Automattic

03.19.09 – LOIC LE MEUR. Seesmic & Twhirl

03.12.09 – ROB MCNEALY. Startup Story Radio

03.09.09 – BILL MORROW. CSIdentity

03.05.09 – JOHN MCLELLAND.

02.28.09 – DR. SRIKUMAR RAO. Are You Ready to Succeed

01.18.09 – TIM SANDERS. Love is the Killer App

01.14.09 – BIJOY GOSWAMI, Bootstrap Network
Bijoy believes we should find joy in the valley of death & find meaning riding in cabs. A community of bootstrappers believes he is right.

Gary was reading Fortune Magazine at age 12. Guess something must have sunk because he later created & BOOKSTOP.

01.05.09 – DARIO ANTONIONI, Orange22
Once a solo freelance desiger, Dario now runs a 7-figure business serving clients such as Starbucks, DKNY, Aveda & Ducati.

12.29.08 – JOHN ENGLE, Beyond Borders
Inspired at a young age by a speech & later searching for meaning, John Engle is now reaching beyond our borders helping children.

12.23.08 – MIKE FERRETTI, Great Harvest Bread
Mike Ferretti really liked making dough so be bought into the Bread business. Now he’s changing ‘franchise’ recipe model.

12.17.08 – CRAIG NEWMARK, Craigslist
Meet Craig. An accidental entrepreneur that turned his ‘list’ used to help friends into the world’s largest online classifieds.

12.13.08 – SHELLEY FOSTER, Babygags
Thanks to Shelley Foster, it is now hip for babies to wear clothing that say Milk Junkie, mmm…Boobies, Dude & Sceamer

12.07.08 – KIMBERLY KEY, Encompass Work & Family
Kimberly followed a number of roads in finding her own path. She took that experienced & is now coaching entrepreneurs helping them navigate the start-up journey.

12.01.08 – KASSIE REMPEL, SimplySoles
Kassie Rempel couldn’t find a pair of shoes she REALLY wanted so she created SimplySoles to serve the Carrie Bradshaw in all women.

11.23.08 – JOSH MANLEY, Cartfly / Ustrive2
YouTube enables people to post videos anywhere on the web so Josh Manley & team made posting a storefront on the web just as easy.

11.15.08 – BRETT JACKSON, Generation Think Tank
Brett Jackson applied to Crocs 6 times until they hired him when he was 16. He is taking that same attitude & building a BIG brand in GTT.

11.10.08 – SARAH ENDLINE, Sweet Riot
According to Sarah Endline, chocolate is the sweetest way in the world to bring about social change. Now she is rioting to prove it.

11.05.08 – STEVE ZDAWCZYNSKI, Steve Z Photography
Steve Z was a laid off engineer working at Starbucks before he found his true calling. Now he’s shooting his way to success.

10.28.08 – JOHN ADAMS, The John Adams Radio Show
When John Adams was a kid, he wanted to be a radio show host. He hid that dream until he hit rock bottom later in life & now that dream is a reality.

10.14.08 – DR. GARTH DAVIS. BIG Medicine
Dr. Garth Davis had a BIG idea that has propelled him into a TV show and one of the top practices in the country for weight loss surgery.

10.09.08 – CARRIE SILVER-STOCK. Girls with Dreams
Carrie is on a mission to empower young girls to help deal with growing pain issues so they don’t have face the lonely path she did.

10.06.08 – HEIDI ADAMS. Planet Cancer
There was a time when young people diagnosed with cancer didn’t have a voice or place to turn. Heidi changed that forever.

10.02.08 – STEPHANIE COULTRESS. Estilo
Stephanie started Estilo “Phil Knight” style selling clothes out of condo & car. Now she is setting Austin’s fashion scene on fire.

9.29.08 – PAOLO COLONNELLO.  Bliggo
Paolo is turning Bliggo into a ‘Facebook’ for Santiago Chile. In the meantime he wants to changes Chile’s whole economy.

Giving goodness and making people feel better is the essence of why Natasha started a hair therapy company & product line.

Taking all of her savings and investments, she created SHIFT to help people change their lives. Now her life has completely shifted

9.08.08 – TRACI FENTON, WorldBlu Live
Traci Fenton is turning the “WorldBlu” & bureaucratic company upside down building & finding democratically run companies.

9.01.08 – LANCE MORGAN, Brilliant Magazine
When Lance launched, everyone thought he was crazy for launching a magazine. 5 yrs later, he is still crazy, but living the Brilliant life.

8.25.08 – ROCHELLE RAE, Rae Cosmetics
Rochelle stuffed $100 in a shoe box from every make-up job she did  until she had enough to launch her own Make-up company.

Feature Film at 18. First Film Festival at 20. Now turning his Festival into the place to find tomorrow’s next great Directors & Producers



  1. Hi Ivy!! : ) My name is Michelle … I am Lori Bryan’s sister … she told me about your fabulous entrepeneurial program … I am up in Vancouver for a couple more days … out the door right now with family .. but Lori said to contact you today : ) I live in California and have a neat product I am wanting to bring to market … because of time constraints right now .. I have not been able to look at your site …. but would love to participate … I look forward to communicating with you! Have a great day!! ~ Michelle

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