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So This is What Capoiera is…VIDEO BLOG with Couch Surfing Ori!-

….on the streets of Austin with traveling celeb Couch Surfing Ori to show you more about what makes Austin so unique…


HI FROM AUSTIN!!!! On the First Thursday of each month, the business owners of this cool hip bohemian rocking part of S. Austin in the South Congress Avenue area keep their doors open until 10 pm (and later in some cases), playing host to an array of events and activities. There is tons of music, crazy fun loving people and lots of good food and drink. I was guest hosting for Sweet Leaf TV for Sweet Leaf Tea during my last visit to Austin so while I was waiting for the producer to get there, I made this little short. Another reason why I LOVE Austin. Gotta have some Sweet Tea while you are here in the summer because it is HOT!!

For more information when you come to Austin, go to this web site the merchants on South Congress put up to keep you in the know:

Hi all:  as the Billionaire Girls Club continues to further our vision of empowering women around the globe- we had the chance to spend the day with one of the world’s top creative geniuses- Tim McClure, founder Mythos Studios and GSD&M ad agency.

With Tim, we got to talk about the power of what the BGC is all about and worked on honing the message that would be taking out to the world later this year…

here we are brainstorming and wanted to share with you so you could see a creative genius in process…

Ever want to see someone else’s office?!  What if that office was the office of one of the world’s TOP creative geniuses?  Welcome to Tim McClure’s home, Co- founder of the firm GSD&M ( and mastermind behind brand creations like “DOn’t Mess with Texas” (“if I had a nickel for every time someone said it just think!…”)…. and Southwest Airlines painted planes (we “LUV” Southwest!).

His home office is “hidden” (like something you would see in a movie)- just WATCH.  VERY VERY cool 🙂

Here is Tim welcoming the Billionaire Girls Club into his home and giving us a tour…watch this week for more video’s of our meetings with Tim McClure with the BGC!  Thank you Big M!

BTW….when you hear Tim say “Vanessa” that is my middle name….the story goes like this.  Early on in my career when Tim and I first started meeting- he agreed to apply his creative genius resources to my projects in exchange for letting him “rebrand me”.  The brand?!…combining my middle name with the last name that everyone says is my last name anyway- VANDERBILT.  (Imagine!- never any waiting in restaurants!…imagine rebranding a brand!, imagine the logo!!!…lol) 

hence, “Vanessa Vanderbilt”.  Being the entrepreneur I am and seeing the great potential deal that this way- I told Tim that if he could convince my parents (specifically my father) that this was okay then I would be ALL for it.  But he had to call my Dad.  Next thing I knew- Tim is on the phone with my father, negotiating the terms (lol…) and my father’s response was (being an entrepreneur himself) “if She Likes It, Go For It!”!  So from then out- my BRAND name became Vanessa Vanderbilt and feeling like I owed a similar deal to Tim, I rebranded him- “BIG M”.

So these days- if you are around Tim and I and you hear Vanessa and BIG M you will know what’s going on….

Signing off- yours truly,  Vanessa Vanderbilt….

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Wanna Raise $12M?!- Hire a “Positivity GuruTM”- here is ours!

Our "Positivity Guru"!- Glenn Hodgson

Our "Positivity Guru"!- Glenn Hodgson

My sister Erin (just graduated Wharton Business School) and I are now working together…I could NOT be more THRILLED!!!

So…these days we are on a path to bring green energy to the world and provide solutions the global fuel, energy and ultimately economic issues.  We are on a path to put more than $12M together in funding for a venture to make that possible.  We are also on the path to get this done in less than 45 days.

How is it possible?!!!  Given THIS economy?!!!!….Utilizing strategies for success- we have developed a system for ourslves to achieve our spiritual, physical, mental and economic goals.  As key to this strategy- we have agreed to focus on where the opportunities are as opposed to things feeling “good or bad”.

We debated amongst ourselves how to involve the people around us to be in support of and help us grow this goal.  We decided that KEY to this strategy- is that we needed someone who exudes confidence, calmness, love, fun and opportunity.  Someone who would remind us of when we were taking things too seriously or offering us a different POV when we got to weighed down with current scenarios.  From this- we decided that it was time to deem Glenn Hodgson- our “Positivity Guru!”….to take this role. Fortunately for us- he accepted 🙂

Meet our POSITIVITY GURU!- Glenn Hodgson.  he is a pro skydiver/instructor and master golfer (good for doing business deals!).  He is an expert at keeping things simple, effective and fun- and when things are about to get too serious?!- he reminds us that anything is possible- its simply a matter of doing it (utilizing simple strategies he helps put in place for us)…. 🙂

Here is tip #1 to raising $12M- HIRE A POSITIVITY GURU!!!! we can help you find one :)- call 480-650-7848 (

Have a GREAT dayOur teacher...AKA our "Positivity Guru" on the golf course :)

Our teacher…AKA our “Positivity Guru” on the golf course 🙂
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Sweet Lea Tea Rooftop Party Seg #4 – Here Comes the Tornado!!!

Here is the last report from the Sweet Leaf Tea Rooftop Party. Notice how we are admiring the awesome lighting show right before the Tornado hit North Austin and we then had to quickly leave the rooftop and head to another party! So cute, little Sis gives a shout out to Sweet Lea Tea thanking her for calming her during the storm while a gust of Tornado almost blows us off the rooftop!!! LOL 🙂

iV, Erin & Ashley

iV, Erin & Ashley

BIG Hugs and thank you to Lyn Graft (LG) and Ashley Montgomery for inviting us to the party for all the Sweet Leaf Team as they were such great hosts and I LUV LUV LUV their product. You can totally see why they are such a great company because they have awesome people that work & play hard and it looks like they love what they do. Plus they can party in any situation – Tornados and all!!

Happy Mercado, iV & Erin Vanderveldt & Sweet Leaf Beer Pong

Happy Mercado, iV & Erin Vanderveldt & Sweet Leaf Beer Pong

AND!!!! I cannot wait for everything that is going to be seen this summer on Sweet Leaf TV — make sure and stay tuned for a ton of great content from them as my awesome Producer, LG, is going to lead the charge and help them produce the best TeaV Network on the Planet!!! (I really think he is doing it for free half & half all summer – his fridge is totally stocked with that stuff!) He has asked me to come back this summer and do some TeaV reporting for them so looking forward to more Roof Top Parties (minus the Tornados please!!! 🙂 xoxo… iV

David Smith, Craig Steckbeck & iV pre-Locks for Love Cut

David Smith, Craig Steckbeck & iV pre-Locks for Love Cut

Me & Little sis Erin Vanderveldt filming my David Smith interview

Me & Little sis Erin Vanderveldt filming my David Smith interview

While I’m at the Sweet Leaf Tea party celebrating all their awesome employees accomplishments, I get to drink some rockin libations of Half & Half Sweet Leaf Tea spiked w/ Tito’s Vodka. Right before the tornadoes hit on the Austin area I get to chat with David Smith who co-founded Sweet Leaf with Clayton Christopher. What a COOL story!!!  His first JOB!  here’s how to do it….(sound is a bit hard to hear, but hey- its a Flip Camera outside before a tornado)….The picture at the beginning shows my stud MBA sister Erin Vanderveldt as I start it off the interview and then put the camera in her hands and finish off the interview.

When we started the interview, the skies were a beautiful golden blue, but by the time we ended it (5 minutes or so), it quickly turned black as a Tornado actually hit in the background!! Double Yikes!!!! Man did we get out of there Fast!! Happy was telling everyone the party was moving – you didn’t have to tell us that – it was crazy winds starting to build. Wow!!! What a party!!! 🙂

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Sweet Leaf Tea Roof Partee Part 2!!! Tito’s & Sweet Leaf!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Part #2 of my visit to the Sweet Leaf Tea Rooftop Party to celebrate Macy’s last day before MBA school at RICE, Brian graduated, Craig super art director’s hair & beard all-gotta-go for “Locks of Love” and a BIG reason to drink some Tito’s Vodka & Sweet Leaf. Whooohoooo!!!!! Here is the beautiful Ashley Montgomery, art director at SLT, giving us the inside scoop as we watch stud Field Mktg Rep Happy Mercado killin’ it on the SLT Beer Pong table.

They are such a cool company with awesome people and a stellar product!! My producer, Lyn Graft, is creating Sweet Leaf TV for them that is launching this summer — YOU see all the things they have planned!!!!!! So exciting — You can learn more about it by following the new twitter account they created via @SweetLeafTV

The party was rocking till this Tornado started heading to Austin – hd to move it inside after the crazy storm moved in!!! Wait till you see that video coming up soon. For Reals on the Tornado!!!!! 🙂

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Welcome to the Sweet Leaf Tea PARTAEEYYYY!!!-Part 1!

Just back into Austin and made the important first stop- to the Sweet leaf tea crew :)…check out the GORGEOUS view!…these people know how to put on a roof top party 🙂


BEFORE:  With April (my stylist) and Maggie my assistant getting ready

BEFORE: With April (my stylist) and Maggie my assistant getting ready

AFTER:  April works her magic!

AFTER: April works her magic!

Hi all!  I dont know about you but i LOVE “BEFORE AND AFTER” scenarios…I was just getting ready to write another blog and thought I would do a SHOUT OUT to our entrepreneur ROCHELLE RAE, who is based in Austin TX and taking over the GLOBE with her line of cosmetics!  If you are lucky enough to be in Austin- you can stop by her shop or have her and/or her team of professionals do a makeover (or get you ready for that big event). She also travels if you have the extra coin to bring her along!  (COME ON BIG MONEY!!!- I NEED ROCHELLE TO TRAVEL WITH ME!!!) 

In any case- check her out!!!  Also- if you tell them that we are friends- you will receive a 10% discount!  LOVE THEM!  So try out some of that GOLD DIGGER (my personal FAVE- lip liner and gloss that you will be HOOKED on for life!).  To call the shop the number is 512- 320- 8732 and if you put “FoIV” (Friends of iV) in the comment box when you check out you will receive the discount!!!

Have fun and keep it rockin you amazing entrepreneurs!!!!!  Send me your story!  I would love to write about what new things I LOVE out there in the entrepreneurial market!!!



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