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iV - aspiring entrepreneurial supergirl at age 7

iV - aspiring entrepreneurial supergirl at age 7

I am “iV”

I am a business woman turned TV show host, CEO, patent holder, sky-diver, motorcycle racer and aspiring red-headed entrepreneurial Supergirl! And I am on a mission to show that “anything is possible” in this world and to help current & aspiring entrepreneurs make great things happen.

Here are some of my latest adventures – come join me on one of my road trips!!!

On the Road with iV

Ingrid Vanderveldt

CLUB E Network

The Billionaire Girls Club

I’ve been lucky to have has sat with Al Roker on the Today show, been interviewed by Donny Deusch on the Big Idea and talked entrepreneurship on BNET’s Dog & Pony Show. I have founded 7 start-ups (some succeeded & some did not, but I always learned), raised over $7M in venture funding (& lost a bunch too – ugh), and received a technology patent from my first technology company without having a technology background (the femme geek started there I think).

I have arm wrestled the founder of Starbucks(Howard Schultz), introduced Malcom Gladwell (author of BLINK, Tipping Point) to a Fortune 500 CEO conference, sat with Hugh Hefner in the Playboy mansion and walked the corporate offices with his daughter, Christie Hefner. I have ridden motorcycles with John Paul DeJoria, (Paul Mitchell) and Karen Davidson (Harley Davidson) and has even raced and beat Alanis Morisette (and beat) on a motorcycle race track. I was SOOO lucky one time & got to sit courtside and walked the arena with Joe & Gavin Maloof (owners of the NBA Sacramento Kings), helped put on the first in-person & online Microsoft Small Business Summit and has had breakfast with Congress. For you degree folks out there, I have a Master’s in Architecture and an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

In the 4th grade I rode the “special bus to the special school” and was told that I was “special” because I was born with “learning disabilities” and was behind everyone in my class. After the school helped fix the problem (hearing problems) I became one of the top students. In college, my first architecture professor told me that I shouldn’t waste her time trying to be an architect and should focus on being a wife and mother. I used that motivation to become one of top students in my class and was elected National Director of The American Institute of Architecture Students and The American Institute of Architects and created the first ever Women in Architecture Video. When I started my first technology company, an advisor told me I need to dress and talk like a man to compete in the male tech world and a venture capitalist told me I would never get funded in that town if I didn’t. I kept dressing like a girl and acting like a woman and went on to receive million’s of dollars in venture funding and was named by the Austin American Statesman named as a “Top Star to Watch” and named a Austin’s 40 under 40 and I received the Technology of the Year Award (previous winner was Michael Dell) and made the cover of Women’s Enterprise Magazine and Digital South Magazine. I was told that she needed to have journalism and on-camera experience if I ever wanted to host a TV show and rather than go work for a news station, I pitched and brokered the deal to a major network and landed the American Made show on CNBC and was the HOST!!! 🙂

I am mentored by Red McCombs, former mentee of George Kozmetsky, and founder of Clear Channel and I am blessed to sit on the board of WorldBlu and Responsible Partying Made Simple. I am a founding member of The Billionaire Girls Club, am writing my first book called “the Aha Moment” and I am the Annual emcee of MOOT CORP, the world’s largest business plan competition and I get to speak to entrepreneurial audiences around the country.

I have a ball-chasing cocker spaniel named Wille G (after Willie G. Davdison), live on airplanes with a USA Today in one hand & a Starbucks in the other as I juggle tapping away on my blackberry. I read non stop, ride and race motorcycles, skydive every chance I get and I love CNN, celebrity magazines and PerezHilton.

– iV –

Always looking up

Always looking up



  1. Hi IV!!!

    It was so awesome meeting you at the VAG meeting last Thursday night! I hope next time you are in town you will call so we can do Starbucks!!! We have so much in common, especially with education and helping kids. We launched our company on ASU campus last month and are conducting focus groups. I would love to share those results with you one of these day. Peter told me to meet you and I set out to do just that. I am so very glad I did! You Rock in a serious way!

    Best always,

    Cheryl Farmer
    Just Be You LLC
    719-688-8478 cell

  2. SO great to meet you as well! Keep doing great things and we will catch up when I am in Phoenix next! big hugs


  3. Hi IV,

    My name is Olga Garcia. I wanted to reach out and tell you that I am very excited about attending your session tomorrow for the RISE event. Your story and experience is absolutely inspiring! It’s funny how what people tell you that you can’t do…becomes the fuel for what you will do. Congratulations on getting started at such a young age. Moving here from Jersey seems like the best idea ever after reading your success.

    See you tomorrow!


    FYI – PerezHilton will be at The Book People on March 21st on West 6th and Lamar!

  4. hi,

    I did not know you until recently as I figured out our blog addresses are pretty much the same, only different by a change of a letter’s place.

    Through this highly insignificant coincidence I stopped by your blog and looked around to see a highly motivated and pleasant personality.

    I wish you the best.

    Best regards,


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