Posted by: ontheroadwithiv | December 11, 2009


HI EVERYONE! Thank you for visiting my blog!  I really appreciate your encouragement and companionship as we travel across the world to create Game Changing ventures!  Big things are happening and I have recently been asked to run the company that is fulfilling my dream to build a billion dollar company.  This is HUGE for me and will impact the world in ways that I have been asking the Universe to help me leverage my talents and skills sets to be able to do.  I have never done something this big, this fast and am excited, scared, humbled but most of all- FOCUSED. Its an alternative energy company and I can’t wait to fill you in on in.  

In the meantime- what I have committed to doing as part of my own life’s work is share with you my own journey of making it happen.  I have wanted to do this for years (share in the journey of what it takes to build a company) but in the past was off and running before I started recording the day-by-day- step-by-step process!  NO MORE.

So join me as we continue our journey together as we Build a Billion- the good, bad and ugly of making it all happen.  In this I hope you find inspiration, entertainment but most of all empowering information to make it happen in your own ventures.  You can find us daily on our blog:

 and of course here- on you can still gain access to our daily web show, On The Road with iV, help for your own business and coaching to make it all happen.  

Lots of love and great energy to all of you- and KEEP IT UP!  Its up to us entrepreneurs to – “be the change we want to see in the world” …

xoxo – your friend- iV


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