Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | July 17, 2009

“How to create The Most Incredible Party”…VIDEO BLOG

Hi all: up for about 5 minutes before crashing back in bed from what appears NOT to be food poisoning but rather a bad case of the stomach flu…NOT FUN.  I wanted to post a few of these video’s though- still can’t believe this party.  It looks like it was a festival but it wasn’t…it was a party put on by DOS XX and held at the Young’s home- The Falkenstein Castle.

This is what happens when you mix a castle, music, a beer company and a bunch of money to put on a great party….unreal…you know when we talk about hiring a band or musicians for a party?…yeah…they did the whole stage etc. etc. in their backyard.  That would be the same backyard that the skydivers flew in, the bungee jumping was set up and the wind tunnel (for more skydiving) was hauled in.  Oh- and of course all the beer you could drink- pouring freely by the DOS XX girls…for my part?  I think i drank all their available water..that was before the nice policeman gave me and my crew a ride down to my car when i could no longer walk after the flu, food poisoning, whatever-this-is-called hit.  Up till then?  It was AWESOME :)!!!!

DOS XX wanted to celebrate and create the “Most Incredible Party”- which…I have to say- I think they did.


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