Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 22, 2009

The “Secret Hidden Office”- video from one of the world’s TOP creative geniuses office

Ever want to see someone else’s office?!  What if that office was the office of one of the world’s TOP creative geniuses?  Welcome to Tim McClure’s home, Co- founder of the firm GSD&M ( and mastermind behind brand creations like “DOn’t Mess with Texas” (“if I had a nickel for every time someone said it just think!…”)…. and Southwest Airlines painted planes (we “LUV” Southwest!).

His home office is “hidden” (like something you would see in a movie)- just WATCH.  VERY VERY cool 🙂

Here is Tim welcoming the Billionaire Girls Club into his home and giving us a tour…watch this week for more video’s of our meetings with Tim McClure with the BGC!  Thank you Big M!

BTW….when you hear Tim say “Vanessa” that is my middle name….the story goes like this.  Early on in my career when Tim and I first started meeting- he agreed to apply his creative genius resources to my projects in exchange for letting him “rebrand me”.  The brand?!…combining my middle name with the last name that everyone says is my last name anyway- VANDERBILT.  (Imagine!- never any waiting in restaurants!…imagine rebranding a brand!, imagine the logo!!!…lol) 

hence, “Vanessa Vanderbilt”.  Being the entrepreneur I am and seeing the great potential deal that this way- I told Tim that if he could convince my parents (specifically my father) that this was okay then I would be ALL for it.  But he had to call my Dad.  Next thing I knew- Tim is on the phone with my father, negotiating the terms (lol…) and my father’s response was (being an entrepreneur himself) “if She Likes It, Go For It!”!  So from then out- my BRAND name became Vanessa Vanderbilt and feeling like I owed a similar deal to Tim, I rebranded him- “BIG M”.

So these days- if you are around Tim and I and you hear Vanessa and BIG M you will know what’s going on….

Signing off- yours truly,  Vanessa Vanderbilt….


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