Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 19, 2009

Wanna Raise $12M?!- Hire a “Positivity GuruTM”- here is ours!

Our "Positivity Guru"!- Glenn Hodgson

Our "Positivity Guru"!- Glenn Hodgson

My sister Erin (just graduated Wharton Business School) and I are now working together…I could NOT be more THRILLED!!!

So…these days we are on a path to bring green energy to the world and provide solutions the global fuel, energy and ultimately economic issues.  We are on a path to put more than $12M together in funding for a venture to make that possible.  We are also on the path to get this done in less than 45 days.

How is it possible?!!!  Given THIS economy?!!!!….Utilizing strategies for success- we have developed a system for ourslves to achieve our spiritual, physical, mental and economic goals.  As key to this strategy- we have agreed to focus on where the opportunities are as opposed to things feeling “good or bad”.

We debated amongst ourselves how to involve the people around us to be in support of and help us grow this goal.  We decided that KEY to this strategy- is that we needed someone who exudes confidence, calmness, love, fun and opportunity.  Someone who would remind us of when we were taking things too seriously or offering us a different POV when we got to weighed down with current scenarios.  From this- we decided that it was time to deem Glenn Hodgson- our “Positivity Guru!”….to take this role. Fortunately for us- he accepted 🙂

Meet our POSITIVITY GURU!- Glenn Hodgson.  he is a pro skydiver/instructor and master golfer (good for doing business deals!).  He is an expert at keeping things simple, effective and fun- and when things are about to get too serious?!- he reminds us that anything is possible- its simply a matter of doing it (utilizing simple strategies he helps put in place for us)…. 🙂

Here is tip #1 to raising $12M- HIRE A POSITIVITY GURU!!!! we can help you find one :)- call 480-650-7848 (

Have a GREAT dayOur teacher...AKA our "Positivity Guru" on the golf course :)

Our teacher…AKA our “Positivity Guru” on the golf course 🙂

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