Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 12, 2009

Sweet Leaf Tea Roof Partee Part 2!!! Tito’s & Sweet Leaf!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Part #2 of my visit to the Sweet Leaf Tea Rooftop Party to celebrate Macy’s last day before MBA school at RICE, Brian graduated, Craig super art director’s hair & beard all-gotta-go for “Locks of Love” and a BIG reason to drink some Tito’s Vodka & Sweet Leaf. Whooohoooo!!!!! Here is the beautiful Ashley Montgomery, art director at SLT, giving us the inside scoop as we watch stud Field Mktg Rep Happy Mercado killin’ it on the SLT Beer Pong table.

They are such a cool company with awesome people and a stellar product!! My producer, Lyn Graft, is creating Sweet Leaf TV for them that is launching this summer — YOU see all the things they have planned!!!!!! So exciting — You can learn more about it by following the new twitter account they created via @SweetLeafTV

The party was rocking till this Tornado started heading to Austin – hd to move it inside after the crazy storm moved in!!! Wait till you see that video coming up soon. For Reals on the Tornado!!!!! 🙂


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