Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 8, 2009

Insiders Look…GAME CHANGE VENTURES- “How we make it happen”


With Corey Kossack, Managing Partner GCV and Author of "eBay Millionaire or Bust"

With Corey Kossack, Managing Partner GCV and Author of "eBay Millionaire or Bust"

Hi all!  Happy week!  okay- we make it happen because we are machines!!!!  FOR REAL!  We don’t sleep.  We hardly eat. We run on water.  lol…okay- kidding :)…not really- PEOPLE!!!….ANYONE CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE A GAME CHANGER!  Like Buffett said- NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The two questions asked a lot about “what is it I REALLY do” and “how I make things happen”.  Of course we say “Entrepreneur. Rainmaker. Adventurer.” and I love all that.  And I DO think of myself as an Entrepreneur, Rainmaker and Adventurer.  That said?…i like to REALLY think of myself as a Game Changer.  You know- the one that others tell “that is impossible”, or “we can’t DO that”- or any other nay say- I simply like to create inspiring ideas that make money.

here is what I really do.   I help people make things happen that other people think are absolutely impossible.  And I create pretty things 🙂  (art, beautiful skydives, value added relationships that create money, Entrepreneurs Are Sexy tees, riding motorcycles in a way that enable you to beat Alanis Morrisette on the track (yes- I am SUPER proud I did that AND beat her coach too)…- you know- pretty things :)…. 🙂

Here is how my world breaks down:

1)  I am Chief Synergy Officer for H2 Technologies & Energy

2)  I aggregated my investments into a portfolio “Game Change Ventures” and help my portfolio companies (

3)  I talk to a lot of people around the globe about how to be a GAME CHANGER through my media initiatives (like

4)  MISCELLANEOUS :)…skydive, ride bikes, read a ton, talk really fast when i do talk, listen to what others have to say, you know- just STUFF!…i LOVE being around creative, thoughtful people who have solid integrity and a genuine interest to do good in the world and make money for themselves and others doing it.  I JUST LOVE IT.  

So what I do is help people.  I don’t help just anyone.  I help people who are MOTIVATED.  Who will BUST WALLS to make things happen.  WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE THAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS “there is no way in hell you will pull this off”…and then I work with them to “make it happen” :).  Who are these people?!  They are GAME CHANGERS.  They are the people no one expects who change who we think about life, the world, business- anything.  

Once we team with Game Changers- we leverage our network to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN.  At H2, I spend most of my time here.  Corey Kossack runs the new firm-  I set this up originally to be a place that would handle my portfolio of investments when I went to H2.  In the process of setting up Game Change Ventures what happened?  More business.  and Corey- the 25 year old wunderguy who launched his first biz his junior year in collage and made a MILLION BUCKS his first year(and went on to write a best selling book to teach others how he did it “eBay Millionaire or Bust”) – is now spearheading helping these other companies in the portfolio do the same….and for my media initiatives?  I have Lyn Graft and Change Carpenter handling all the growth there.

So what do you do if YOU are going to be a Game Changer?…(there is actually a process to all this and if you want to learn more- of course please feel free to contact

1)  Determine that you ARE in fact, a Game Changer (and if you don’t think you are?  your probably not.)…once you have decided this?  Then seriously time to ROCK IT.  I will be blunt.  You could die tomorrow.  So could I.  So I have absolutely no time to waste because i have a lot i want to do.  So get on with it.  Seriously.  Make it happen!

2)  Find a mentor who has done what you want to do.  Then ask them for thier help.  Figure out what you can do to help them in exchange.  and when you ask for their help?  Don’t waste their time.  If you are ready?  You will ROCK IT and they will love it.  so be ready when you ask.

3)  When people tell you that if you want something to happen- you need to do it yourself?  Well?  its true.  No one can make your dream happen but you. Why?…because they have their own dreams they are making happen.  Now- where things start “flowing?”…is when you team up with people who have synergistic dreams to yours….then you work together and make everyone’s dreams a reality.

4)  Most people will tell you “no”.  So the faster you get through those “no’s” and find the “yes’ss” you are in business.  So don’t even worry about naysayers.  Its easier to say NO then it is to say YES…because Yes’s imply that people have to DO SOMETHING.  No’s means that everyone can go their own way scott free.

5)  Relationships are the key to everything.  And just KNOW that sometimes- you are going to screw up.  Everyone does.  The faster you become the success story?…the faster all those mistakes are appreciated and then jotted down as “if he/she can do it?!…then I CAN TOO”…and you are one of “those stories”

6)  GO BIG.  For reals.  Again- life is short- have fun with it- and who cares what anyone else thinks!!!…do you think RedMcCombs, Tim Sanders, Tim McClure, Richard Branson, Howard Shultz REALLY care about what anyone thinks?  NOOOO!!!!- they are having too much fun doing what they love, overcoming challenges and doing the things everyone else talks about!

7)  Do a financial MONEY check.  its fine if you have a buck or a million bucks to work with.  Just know and stay within what you are comfortable with…there is ALWAYS money to work with but when you can’t pay your bills (I KNOW you know what I am talking about)- that becomes crippling



I am SO HAPPY to have all of you to join me on this amazing ride :)…I am here for you- so if there are things I can share with you about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, money raising, selling, marketing you name it- please let me know and it might be my next blog topic!

xoxo IV


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