Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 4, 2009

OK PEEPS! (entrepreneurs!)- Don’t know how to make a buck?!- Meet ROBOMAN…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

Hi all!….so I got back from new Orleans this past Sunday.  It was a GREAT trip.  Lots to learn there.  How to eat great food, how to enjoy great entertainment but most of all…all the ways you can make a buck!  From artists on the street, to carriage drivers, bead sellers- and then ROBOMAN!!!!

Truly- you have to see this.  At first glance you might think this is just another guy doing his thing.  HOWEVER…I was in new Orleans for 5 days.  Roboman was on his perch everyday.  I watched what he was doing and found myself totally impressed with how this one guy- working to make a buck- is performing his street gig.  I mean- CHECK OUT THAT OUTFIT!  For reals!…and you know?!…he doesn’t make a move unless you pay him.  I sat there and watched tourist after tourist pay him money to swing around for 30 seconds.  Dollar for 30 seconds?  2 bucks a minute? $120 bucks an hour?  (okay- lets say he dances for 30 minutes- okay $60 bucks and hour).  WHO KNOWS WHAT ROBOMAN makes.  but thats not the point.  The point is- don’t ever let creative block stop you.  Its possible to do anything and make a buck  Roboman proves it 🙂

So thank you ROBOMAN for giving me my blog topic and mental mind candy to have fun with.  WOW…what IF Roboman made $120 and hour!???!  some of us are in the WRONG biz.  (think about the merchandising opportunities!…) :)…take care all and GO FIND YOUR INNER ROBOMAN!!!! xoxo IV


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