Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | June 2, 2009

CHECK THIS OUT!!! How to Promote Yourself- Write about Someone Else! Peter Himmelman made a song up about being on my show!

Peter Himmleman - Creator Furious World

Peter Himmleman - Creator Furious World

Okay- i pray to god that this goes through…this HAS to be one of the COOLEST things ever! (if not, go to to watch

A few weeks back, Peter Himmelman was on my show and I just LOVE him.  He is an award winning songwriter/ producer etc. and host of the weekly show  So what he did was absolutely AMAZING.  So he is on my show and being the fabulous entrepreneur that he is- he WRITES A SONG ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE BEING ON THE SHOW!!!…so what am I going to do with this great piece of artistry?!….I am going to PROMOTE IT TOO! Watch Below:

[ ?posts_id=2178070&dest=-1]

So as I am about to put this blog together it made me realize- if you EVER want to promote yourself- WRITE ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE- and let THEM do the talking for you!  People like me will of COURSE continue to promote your work (we do it already through our great stories about DIY entrepreneurs at and HERE AGAIN we write about the ideas we learn!  So WHO do YOU know that you admire and how can you help them?  I guarantee- you write about them and they will spread the message in thanks!

So thank you Peter Himmelman for continuing to share your gift with the world and to be on my show.  we all love you- big big hugs….IV



  1. You KNOW this is how I do it, girl! The best thing is, you don’t have to be a journalist like me to make it work. Social media/networking makes this possible for everyone!

    For folks who say, “but I hate writing” or “I never know how to start” — read this:

  2. I dig this so much. Thanks so much. We should all be so lucky as to have Peter improvise a song for us. 🙂

    My best your way.

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