Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | May 15, 2009

“Scamming Your Way to the Top of iTunes!”- VIDEO- Brian Brushwood from VMX ’09

 Hi guys:  Meet Brian Brushwood- the guy who quit Dell when they offered him a raise to pursue his love of majic full time.  He has been featured on The Today Show, The Tonight Show- you name it!  

he taught us how to “SCAM OUR WAY TO THE TOP OF iTUNES”.  To find out exactly how to do it- watch his segment on VMX ’09.  For some quick tips on making that happen:

1) define your niche and rock it!

2) rating on iTunes are actually based on most hits/current activity (fastest growth) as opposed to most downloads over time (he can explain in his video on vmx’09)

3) in Brian’s case- he wanted SCAM SCHOOL to be listed at the top of iTunes downloads.  So when he was invited to give a presentation in front of 1,000 people- he created a way to “SCAM HIS WAY TO THE TOP OF iTUNES” by asking everyone in attendance to put in thier “vote” all at the same time…so all at once- he had 1,000 people downloading SCAM SCHOOL…putting SCAM SCHOOL in the top 5 of all iTunes downloads for that day!  The accomplishment gave SCAM SCHOOL the attention it needed and wanted and new fans started hitting the site and downloading content- keeping SCAM SCHOOL on iTunes top list going forward.

Meet Brian and see how being different (!) and following your passion- can lead to some pretty interesting (and lucrative) experiences :)…i highly recommend watching his segment which can be found shortly on


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