Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 30, 2009


Hi all!  

SOOOOO excited!  Bond Girls Unite!!!!  I have earned my skydiving license (an “A” license)- which means I can now jump out of planes with other licensed skydivers!

All I really want to say about all this is that I am really proud to share this with you.  I have a lot of work to do, but if you happened to watch an older post (the video is below)- I have really enjoyed taking you along the journey with me as I learned to be a skydiver!  The below jump was # 4 or 5 (i think?!)- when I still had to go out the door while being held by my coach Glenn.  Now- as you can see in the above video, “Look Ma!  No hands!!!”- ALL BY MYSELF! 🙂  lol  Isn’t that FUN???!!!!!!!  WOOHOOO!!!!!

So in summary- I thank all of you for continuing to join me in my entrepreneurial adventuring- from business, money and life :)….and I am living proof that ANYTHING you set your mind to is possible!  I have always wanted to fly- and when I started basing here in Miami- I did so keeping in mind two things I wanted to make happen: #1) become a licensed skydiver (DID IT!!!) and #2) become a licensed pilot (working on that now).  I was on a SUPER tight budget when I got here and most people I know would say “I can’t afford it- maybe sometime later I will learn [to skydive].”

here is how I made it happen:  My older brother Dutch (a doctor here in Miami) also became a licensed skydiver.  He introduced me to the BEST place in the world to learn to skydive (SKYDIVE MIAMI!!!).  I heard that one of the owners of the drop zone had a need for business services I could offer.  I got in touch with him and made him a deal….I would help him get a new business off the ground and running if HE would help me get my skydiving license!  He made a few calls, worked deals and next thing you know- we had OUR deal to get going!  So while I was working my Rolodex in business- he got his going in skydiving and we are both leveraging our skills to help the other get what they want…

So never underestimate what is possible and all the ways you can get things done.  Just set your goals, give yourself deadlines- an then get creative on how to make things happen.  Don’t you know that all the people who have set out to do AMAZING things in life NEVER did so by doing it “just like everyone else?!”…so think big!  Dream Big!  and make it happen! xoxo IV  (PS:  almost a Bond Girl now!…pilots license and have to wield my gun a bit more effectively and then YES!  Daniel Craig!- HERE I COME!!!) 🙂 lol



  1. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was wondering when the parachute was going to open — was a little nervous there for a minute, as I didn’t think “Splat” would sound very good with the music selection!

  2. Hi Ingrid!
    I’ve been following your blog/website since I heard you speak at the VentureForth conference at UCSD. You are an inspiration to me because of your spirit, humor, and gutsiness. I also did some dealing to get a better rate on my gym membership today, so it was a funny coincidence when I went to your blog and saw this post 🙂 Wish you all the best.

    ~ Olivia

  3. Way to go-Now it is on to your pilots license-now how are you going to do them at the same time-with you it seems all is possible

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