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Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy and Aaron Arnold's former boss & mentor

Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy and Aaron Arnold's former boss & mentor

Aaron Arnold is blazing trails in the field of music.  A mentee of Sean Combs, and his former assistant- Aaron left his high paying job to work under Combs to pursue his love and passion for everything music.  When I asked him about leaving that job- he told me that he actually “got the call” to work directly for Diddy right before leaving for his 2 week honeymoon.  Aaron had a tough choice to make- go on the honeymoon or stay behind and learn from the man who over 10 years ago defined what being a music mogul is all about.  Arnold stayed (and he’s still married :)…).

The path wasn’t easy but its paying off.  He didn’t get paid to work with Diddy and everything else outside of business took a back seat.  The key to making this period of his life work was FOCUS.  In his gut he KNEW that music, and making his own mark in that industry was the one thing that he had been “called to do”.

Aaron took the opportunity and ran with it.  he spent as much time around Diddy as he could- learning everything he could about the business.  He found himself being featured on VH1’s “I Want to Work for Diddy” giving advice to aspiring music mogul and Diddy apprentice wannabe’s.  Aaron, it appeared had transitioned to being on the inside trusted team for Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Inspired, when his stint was over- instead of going and getting a paid job in the industry- Arnold did what every “called” entrepreneur has to do.  He dropped everything, moved to Atlanta and invested all he had left into starting a new company:

CEO of Music is My Business, Aaron Arnold as featured on CNN

CEO of Music is My Business, Aaron Arnold as featured on CNN

MusicIsMyBusiness is a fully integrated music company, which houses three components: *MIMB Music  (houses artists, producers, djs)  *MIMB Television/Film/Animation and *MIMB Brand Management.  We’ve  helped the likes of: ESPN, Heineken, The United Nations’ World Food Organization, MTV’s Making The Band, Platinum Selling Artists, Danity Kane, Grammy Award Winner Bryan-Michael Cox and several agencies to bridge the gap between their clients/brands and the consumer, music-entertainment (i.e., Gen Y) space.

Since the founding of his company, CNN has deemed this music mogul “Diddy 2.0”.  he has been recognized as one of CNN’s “Young People Who Rock”.  His music has been nominated by GQ Magazine’s “Gentleman’s Fund” for musical work he did with the United Nations World Food Program.

Aaron says, “MusicIsMyBusiness is part of the “next” generation of independent thinkers and we are on the cusp of that movement.  At the core, we execute exercises that create authentic experiences via music. This enables us to properly position our content/platforms/brands while helping the bottom-line…generating revenue. ”

For more about Aaron or Music is My Business, go to

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