Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 27, 2009

VIDEO BLOG: “How-To” on How Politely Stalking Can Land You the Perfect Job!

Hi guys!

Happy Monday.  Yesterday (as you see) was beautiful here in Miami and now we are back at it!!!  I ALSO had the pleasure of seeing one of my four other “sisters”- co-founding members of The Billionaire Girls Club- Sarah Endline, Founder and CEO of Sweetriot.

iV and Sarah hanging in Miami talking about Stalkers & Margaritas!!!

iV and Sarah hanging in Miami talking about Stalkers & Margaritas!!!

Sweetriot is a fabulous chocolate company (our own Willie Wonka!!! woohoo!)- who imports chocolate from Latin America where the beans come from creating opportunities for local farmers who create their livelihoods here.  Sweetriot has turned into one of the most loved chocolate companies in the country and has fans including Jerry Seinfeld and is distributed in places like Whole Foods and now- on VIRGIN AIRWAYS!

We had lots of girl chat- but us getting together wouldn’t be normal unless we had some biz chat too.  So in the car on our way to the beach- we started talking about how to land a job in this economy.  Specifically, I told her about my younger sister who is about to graduate Wharton.  (She is sick smart- self taught investment banker, speaks 3 languages, chair of you-name-the-committee-at Wharton etc. etc.) Her ideal role is to work at a company like Diageo here in Miami.  Many of these companies, including Diageo are on hiring freezes.  So what does Erin decide to do (taking matters into her own hands?)….she is moving to Miami anyways and going to “make it happen”.  She is positioning herself to be a significant value-add to Diageo through creative strategies she already has in place (despite the hiring freeze).

I mentioned this to Sarah and her response?!- “Politely Stalking is the KEY to landing a job in ANY ECONOMY!!!”  SO WATCH ABOVE TO SEE WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO DO IT (and how it is different- very different- than the major no no, stalking)



  1. This is such an excellent post, Ingrid! Perfect timing and exactly what people need to hear!

    Today’s employees are entrepreneurs more than ever. As such they need to be able to take risks so that they can turn their career desires into reality. “Politely stalking”… well put and too cute! 🙂

  2. this is good advice. does your sister speak portugese by any chance??

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