Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 24, 2009

How-to Create Raging Fans!: Example- “The Song About ‘IV'” LIVE by Peter Himmelman!

FLY Girl iV gets a song written about her by Peter Himmelman 'on the fly'

FLY Girl iV gets a song written about her by Peter Himmelman 'on the fly'

Hi everyone! Okay- yesterday session was one of the best to date.  We ACTUALLY made it through an entire HOUR with Peter Himmelman- the Grammy and Emmy Award winning singer/ songwriter and host of (you can find out more at CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO (SONG) PETER HIMMELMAN CREATED ABOUT HIS EXPERIENCE IN  “ON THE ROAD WITH IV” WITH ME YESTERDAY!  You WON’T believe it!  he made this up while he was singing!

Here is the deal.  PETER (you might recall) is the guest who “blew up my show” a few weeks back when we opened up the show to a live audience to join us online.  We had SO MANY people join us- that the system blew up and we couldn’t record the show!!!!

Peter Himmelman backstage

Peter Himmelman backstage

So this is our second try at this interview.  Why did we want to talk to peter Himmelman?…BECAUSE he is a singer/ songwriter (had not considered himself an entrepreneur) who BUSTED out on the music scene and when he felt that he wanted a closer connection to his fan base he created a web show ( that just took off!  Why did it take off?…not only is it a great show (check it out- you can watch it live on Tuesday evenings)- he has RAGING FANS that follow his every step!

So how does he do it?….well- we will announce the interview with Peter when it goes live- but its fair to say that he is just TOTALLY “REAL”.  He doesn’t try to fake being anything else other than what he is- and in being so open about his life experiences, and translating those thoughts into music and words- he puts a voice to emotions, feelings, thoughts that a lot of us have but never admit (maybe not to ourselves and certainly not to others).  People seek him out because his work is GREAT and he gives ALL of us an opportunity to “connect” to daily experiences that people don’t talk about but all of us feel.

Peter Himmelmans' Furious World Poster Shot

Peter Himmelmans' Furious World Poster Shot

So he has found his niche in being original, putting a voice to everyday circumstances, and has just run with it.  In the process- he has a growing fan base of everyday people, celebrities, rock stars, athletes- you name it!  people LOVE this guy!…they just want to hear what he has to say….in our interview- he talks about the nuts and bolts of “becoming an entrepreneur” in the online world and how (people, money, resources) he put this amazing show of together.

So in that- he is KNOWN for his impromptu song writing capabilities.  So after our interview was over- one of the producers, Lyn Graft, suggested thatI ask Peter to sing a song about his experiences in  THIS is what he came up with!  Thank you to our other producer, Chance Carpenter of Essential Event Technologies for posting the song even though the interview itself hasn’t even been edited or made live :)…it was AWESOME and I will never forget my experience with Peter Himmelman. and for reals…how many people can say they have a song written/ made up about them?!!!!!  This is better than getting a caracature at Six Flags or a Barbie at Christmas!!!!! FOR REALS!!!!! (Come on- you know you would say the same thing if someone wrote a song about you too…how totally cool?!- and sort of freaky wild too)

Peter Himmelman Creating a RAGING Fan in iV

Peter Himmelman Creating a RAGING Fan in iV

So in Summary:


1)  He is “real” and has developed something (himself) that gives a voice the masses can identify with

2)  He delivers his message in a compelling way and invites his fans to get involved wiht him (

3)  He is GRATEFUL and expresses that in all he does (and the fans appreciate that!) “i.e “Thank you for blowing up iV’s show!!- WOW! Had no idea we had so many of you!!!” (kidding kidding- but you know what i mean) and the CHERRY ON TOP?!

4)  If you are lucky enough to get on his show, interact with Peter (I am so grateful I did)- he will LIKELY create a song about YOU?!!!…and whose ego doesn’t want to hear what this no-bull, no-frilles, honest-assessment-of-you “people’s mirror” would have to say?!!

Enjoy everyone and THANK YOU PETER and ALL YOUR GREAT FANS for being who you are….I am TOTALLY inspired and ready to out out an conquer the world again 🙂 Have a great weekend!

xoxoxo IV


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