Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 21, 2009

Why I Video Blog & Why I’m Hosting VMX ’09!

Hi all!!! I LOVE VIDEO BLOGGING & ONLINE VIDEO IN GENERAL.  in fact- if I had just come out of the gym and looked so bad- I would video blog this, right now!  As a result of video blogging, I feel totally blessed to be able to share the stories of emerging entrepreneurs around the globe with curious market-watchers, entrepreneurs and fans of the show, On The Road with iV (  Video blogging enables me, in real time- to say what I want to say, to share a “how-to” business idea with you- to include you in my complete excitement when I learn I will be filming a new tv show!!! (that, and many other video blogs captured while I was driving after I had just left the tv meeting).

Screen Shot of Today's Show with Michael Strong from FLOW.  You can watch it on ivtv :) and find out details about the show at

Screen Shot of Today's Show with Michael Strong from FLOW. You can watch it on

Video gave me a channel to respond to so many things in an immediate way such as audience requests, events in my life, places I’m visiting and topics I wanted to talk about without having to rely on a crew or having to wait for the networks to greenlight  What I could say or WHO I could interview (& be assured they have a say in the matter) When I hosted my show for CNBC, “American Made”, this show featured a number of celebrity entrepreneurs.  I LOVED doing that show too.  That said, the producers and I got a lot of feedback from people watching the show who asked, “is it possible for you to featured entrepreneurs who are more ‘like us’- on their paths to success but not yet having totally “made it”.  Fans of that show felt that in seeing the stories of emerging entrepreneurs, it would be possible to learn a lot of their “how-to” strategies that were probably a lot closer to being able to relate with then big stars like Howard Schultz who have been  in the big leagues for many years.  I didn’t know how we would do this quickly and then one of the producers, Lyn Graft, said- “Why Don’t we just DO IT!”- and create a web show.  We don’t HAVE to wait for any network to greenlight anything!!!  We just make it happen!

SO LYN AND I FOUND ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCTION PARTNER…in Chance Carpenter of Essential Event Technologies, ( who joined us on making this show a reality.

FILMING A SHOW ONLINE IS AFFORDABLE!- AND CAN FIT WITHIN ALMOST ANY BUDGET.  For example- if you buy a Flip Phone, they are about $180 (I have a black Flip Mino) and you are in business.  If you want to film something a bit more advanced like On The Road with iV, for a few hundred dollars a month- you can be in business.  Its simply a matter of what you want to do and what your budget is.

The Flip Camera- mine is the one in black :)

The Flip Camera- mine is the one in black 🙂

VIDEO BLOGGING IS A GREAT BUSINESS TOOL.  It enables people to connect with you and you to people.  When I started video blogging, the response rate on my blog went up immediately – the traffic to this blog grew by 5 times! HERE ARE SOME STATS ON WHY YOU TOO- SHOULD BE VIDEO BLOGGING!

  • 80 percent of U.S. Internet users watching video online according to eMarketer 2009 Report
  • US viewed 14.8 billion online videos during January 2009 according to data from comScore Video Metrix
  • More than $80 million in venture money poured into the online video sector in the first quarter of 2009, about the same amount as in the fourth quarter of 2008, according to an analysis conducted by VideoNuze.

I believe in video blogging so much as not only a tool for regular communication- but also as a means to BUILD business….with this in mind- I teamed up with Chris Justice and Sparksight to host the first video marketing expo ( as a way to encourage people like you and me to learn more about it and to get involved!!!  Creating online videos, and attending are two of the best investments you can make this year in yourself and your business.

I will continue to share what I have learned about the “how to’s” of video blogging….in the meantime- we welcome you to come join us and be part of an a GREAT event where you will get to meet some amazing people interested in the topic as well as hang with some of the hottest online content producers doing some amazing shows including:

VMX 2009 Speakers

VMX 2009 Speakers

  • Brigitte Dale of the Brigitte Dale Show – Coolest Girl Video Blogger ever that is now VBlogging for ABC Family & just released her 400th Video Blog last week
  • Giovanni Gallucci Social Media Ninja – Killer media expert & award winning new media producer with a Cool title & that has been featured in AdWeek, Fox Business News, NBC & the New York Times
  • Christopher Justice of Sparksight – the Creator of VMX, and has hosted live and/or shot events for Microsoft, Rackspace, and HubSpot and hosts and helped put together Web 2.0 TV
  • The Bui Brothers – Vblogging since 2005, these stud photographers & videographers teach you how to become experts & Bschool trained in video blogging & put on The Winnies (web-video award show)
  • Plus the creators the Dadlabs show, founder of, experts in PR, Legal & licensing of online production.

And because any event Chris Justice does is fun, informative and is first class and Sparksight is helping On the Road with iV launch a completely new ROCKING site just in time for the conference. I can’t wait to see you guys there!!!!!!  Just a tip- Early Bird registration ends (I think tomorrow!!!!!- the 22nd)- so if you are into discounts and finding great deals (who isn’t these days?!) then go online to register now.

See you in video bloggie land and at!!!!!

…xoxo iV


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