Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 20, 2009

“How to Beat Your Competition” in one of the COOLEST ADS EVER….

Taking a lesson from my friend/ colleague Guy Kawasaki (“How to Drive Your Competition Crazy”) here is one for the play books.  I thought the day of the super fight was over when Sun and Oracle stopped their road rage of a [killer!!!!] battle [i might add] on the 405 in South San Francisco.  NOW?!!!…the cars are on!

HERE IS THE LESSON:  HOW TO BEAT YOUR COMPETITION CRAZY?  Do what they do but better, beat them in their own game (your NEW game) all while creating a groundswell of consumer (customer) excitement around them!  What do I mean by that?  Check out the billboard below (Picture credit goes to for their blog on this) for BMW’s response to the Audi ad campaign “Your move, BMW”….

My disclaimer is the following:  I love both- but my heart goes to BMW.  I still pine away over trading my BMW M-Series Z3 convertible with the Audi TT (a beautiful car- but there is NOTHING like the “Ultimate Driving Machine”).

Audi on the left?....and BMW's answer on the right.  In Santa Monica.

Audi on the left?....and BMW's answer on the right. In Santa Monica.

For those seeking the “HOW TO” on creating one of the coolest ads ever?  USE IMAGES/ LITTLE to NO WORDS.  Focus on the CORE of your message and deliver it, that singular message with a punch.

A few shout outs to the experts:  I have to give a kudos out to our buddy Kevin Rivera, Marketing Ops Manager for for North American BMW, our buddies at GSD&M (Tim McClure was the branding genius behind “Don’t Mess with Texas” and the painting of Southwest Airlines planes with animals).  A shout out to Christopher Late at BMW Austin for their support)!

To Sebastean Losch (from biz conversations from last week)….a shout out to you for reminding us that pictures speak louder than words (even in business presentations).

…and to Lyn Graft for always sending me the COOLEST info. and ads. and basically keeping us all in the know.

TO BMW?!- I love you.  I am going to cut this blog short to go kiss my Audi before Murphy’s law deems that it break down on me.  Please don’t…I promise to keep you when my new BMW shows up.   I will sandwich you between the new guy (my Z4 BMW although I REALLY pine for a used Z8) and the beat up old pickup truck (behind the motorcycles)- which I haven’t bought yet either.  But I will.  To haul all my “stuff”.  But I have to make more money first.  I am working on that….and for those who might not know about my addiction to BMW?  I would seriously eat raman noodles every day if it meant I could get a BMW Shark convertible faster.  If you have never driven one?  Trust me- you must.  There is nothing like them- for reals.  I miss my “Ricky” (as in Ricky Martin- .my sister and I had a contest- “Who is the hottest guy we can think of?”.  The winner?  yes- RICKY MARTIN and that became the name of my car) i cry even looking at the pictures below….please come find me Ricky…i would buy you back in a heartbeat- and renew my license plates too xoxoxoxo

Me, Ricky and my late, great friend- Jan Brainard...

Me, Ricky and my late, great friend- Jan Brainard...


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