Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 17, 2009

Why SPORTS are the Best Business (and life) Metophor…”How-To” Video Lesson in Greatness & Humility


With Mike, who took care of making sure we stayed safe (and brought the karts!)

With Mike, who took care of making sure we stayed safe (and brought the karts!)

Hi all!


OKay- AWESOME experience last night.  So my buddies (Sebastean) decide that we should go “karting”.  He tells me that its not like anything I have done before with the carts racing over 100MPH and since we are essentially sitting an inch off the ground- it feels like twice that speed.  My reaction?!  OF COURSE!…anything that has to do with racing/ riding/ adrenaline- sign me up right?! (I KNOW I will be awesome right?!…I “ride and race”- this will be nothin).  In fact…I know I am going to be SO AWESOME that I am going to ask my new friend Chris to join us- because he has never “karted” before and I wanted to make sure I had enough people in the field so I could beat an entire army of “karters”.  Just wait till they see me! (Speed Racer)…i am going to ROCK this thing…(plus- we work together-so think about the office stories!)

Um yeah.  So i get in the kart and well….

Uh- yeah- this last video?  That would be me….”racing” across the screen.  AND NO.  That is NOT in slow mo.

Long story short- I HAD A BLAST!  That said?  I was TOTALLY humbled.  Glenn tells me that he is all about “show me”.  Yeah- well?  I got a taste of my own “I am so awesome medicine” last night when I got off my first round and Seb says (in his kindest/ gentlest tone)- “You DO realize that these things go about 5 times as fast, right?!!”.  For reals.  I Stunk it up.  And worse?  I did it in front of the army of karters that I was going to beat.  I even got passed by a 10 year old!…and to add a cherry on top?…you see that last video?  Well if you watch it right to the end, there is a guy that comes riding after me.  Who is he you might ask?

That would be the “slow guy” that i stood on the sidelines watching, wondering how anyone, that slow, could even get on the track (he is a hazard right?!)…yeah well…THAT GUY?  He passed me too.  Twice.  Maybe even three or four times.  For reals.

So today, while my colleagues are seeing chiropractors so they can simply walk around- I am about to go to the gym.  To work off that piece of humble pie I ate last night….

BUT HERE IS THE LESSON- (and I mean this is all seriousness)…you know that concept of “show me” i mentioned earlier?…well yeah.  I can bet you that I am not going to run around inviting people to my Indy Race car debut so I can beat them until I get out there first and see what I am actually dealing with.  You might be good riding bikes (or name the metaphor for that matter)- but bikes are not karts and no two situations are alike- And for that matter- the players in the game change all the time!…My karting buddies might be awesome at riding bikes too!…and how humbling would that be to get beat on bikes too?!.  

So here’s the deal…ITS TIME TO UP OUR GAME PEEPS….(especially now with this economy)…and just when you think you too are like the most awesome Speed Racer?…yeah- Just try something new.  Maybe you WILL be Speed Racer!…or maybe you will be like me.  Wrapping up this blog so I can go to the gym and get the workout the guys appear to have gotten last night.

I can assure you- the conversations over the water fountain will be good ones this AM!…its time to UP OUR GAME, take nothing for granted, WORK IT and PRACTICE!  

The next biggest lesson?…know what you are great at and surround yourself with people who excel at complimentary skills sets (and then get out of their way).  You just might learn something and better yet?…UP YOUR GAME. (and get out there are DO IT!)

So I hope you have a great day and enjoy seeing the meltdown on film.  I can assure you….THIS PEOPLE- is why SPORTS will ALWAYS be one of the best metaphors for business and life 🙂

CIAO peeps!  Have an awesome day!!!…PS…one last one just because it truly is so funny.  This video runs about :30 seconds.  That’s the amount of time it took me to get on the track and get going.  Everyone else?  This would have been done in about :05.  Priceless.  We can laugh now!…but I PROMISE you i will be practicing (if they let me on the track again)…lol…and hey- I got out there and did it….and HAD A BLAST.  So make it happen! and PPS?…Thank you Ken, Seb, Mike and Chris for making THIS possible 🙂


From left:  Mike, me, Seb and Chris.

From left: Mike, me, Seb and Chris.



  1. Great blog, girlfriend! You never cease to amaze me…no, for reals ;-). Love the analogies. Being the mom I am, I’d leave you with a kiss and a “Be Safe” but…nah…go have fun. You’re a big girl now!

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