Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 15, 2009

Talking Green with one of the world’s Top Energy Scientists/Inventors- His take on “The FUEL Film”

 Hi all!  This is a real treat :)…Yesterday- here in Phoenix, I got to go see the new film FUEL, created by Josh Tickell 

I have heard of GREEN ENERGY for years and as a former architect and lover of all things that make the world a better place…as a capitalist- I found myself spending time on “real business” and thinking at some point I would get involved with “green”.  After all…wasn’t green about just loving the world/ making it a better place- but where was the real money?!

Well…I love when our own perceptions catch us off guard and that realization, of realizing that I in fact and the one out of the loop, change our direction.  In this case- the botom line is that regardless of what you think about “green”, “saving the world” and anything else related to this subject- you ALL drive cars, take public transportation, fly in planes, basically USE OIL every single day….and with that in mind- we all know that oil?  Is running out.

 We also know that there is an argument to be made that its because of OIL that has led to war, global warming and any other set of not only risky- but incredibly costly problems.

In the movie FUEL, Josh gives us a way to look at alternatives and do something about it.  And if not for any other real on (like doing your part to help preserve our planet)- for the financial benefits that making a few simple changes will add to your bottom line (and help save the world :)…)

I heard that this week there is a good chance I  will get to meet Josh – you can bet I will bring the Flip camera :)….On this video- it features Roy McAllister- one of the world’s most renowned experts in alternative energy and the Founder of The American Hydrogen Association.  Roy, has been studying and inventing alternative energy concepts, products and ideas for over 40 years.  I got to go see the movie with Roy (what a treat!) and talk about the film in the car after.  I wanted to hear his take on the film and how it relates to the work that he does in hydrogen (and what that means to the average joe like you and me)…

Hope you enjoy! xoxo have a great day!


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