Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 14, 2009

Did You Know?! (Green Energy)…look what i found!

Hi all:

Did you know that while we all know that we have to create renewable energy sources because both oil and natural gas sources are being depleted- that COAL is what produces 41% of the world’s energy?

However…did you also know that COAL is one of the dirtiest sources of energy in the world?!  



COAL is what is being considered one of the major causes of global warming because of the carbon dioxide and other gases it emits?   This resulted in what we all know as “The Arctic Melting” that happened last year?  …and that the reason this matters is because the ICE that USED to be in place is what would reflect 80% of the warming back into space.  Without that ice (and replaced with big pools of water) the earth instead ABSORBED 80% of that heat?


*  DID YOU KNOW that hydrogen is considered one of the cleanest energy sources and can be produced from wind/solar and wastewater? (as opposed to having to be created from deplteting food sources like corn and soy?)

*  DID YOU KNOW that I am turning into a major green geek and that I THINK I have found one of the solutions that will create hydrogen better, cheaper and faster than what’s currently out there and that wont even TOUCH depleting food sources?!

WOW….this is some pretty cool stuff and I can’t wait to fill you in on this company.  i LOVE finding GAME CHANGERS (of industry) and am with one now here in Phoenix.  I will keep you abreast….let me know if you have any thoughts/ ideas on the subject…i would LOVE to hear….


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