Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 12, 2009

HAPPY EASTER!!!!- The “How-to” Power of Vision Boards (and how they work)…Subtitled (lol) When its too windy to Skydive- FLY! (planes)…private air tour of South Beach

Hi all!   — Hope you are having a great weekend.  I wanted to share these videos with you…WHAT A DAY!!!!! (yesterday)  Started the morning skydiving and earned my skydiving license.  Now I can jump with other licensed skydivers in formations and all that.  It started getting a bit windy later in the day- so just when we thinks the day is over- STEVE SHOWS UP!  Steve would be the pilot who taught my brother how to fly and he flies for Skydive Miami on Sundays.  Seeing that we were waiting on the winds- he said “want to go flying?!!!”- twist my arm!!!

While all this is TOTALLY amazing and I will be the first to tell you, I get to live a really great life- I will ALSO tell you that when I was found myself broke and homeless ( thank god for family and friends)…I made up my mind that not only was I “done with that”- but  was going to live out the life I imagined.  I created vision boards, cutting out all the images of things I saw myself being, doing or having.  I also decided and got clear on the life I wanted to live.  I put goals, timelines and deliverables in place.  I had NO MONEY as I created those vision boards.  A personal breakup and business failure wiped that out (that felt horrible).  However, I KNEW that despite what I was experiencing in that moment- I could turn things around (the most successful people in business that I interview on my show have had a series of failures and manage to use their own gumption to turn things around…i KNEW if THEY could do it?  I could too).

So I made the visions boards, set my plan in place, had no real idea how it would all come together- I just knew that somehow I would figure it out….and set off down the path.

Well?  here’s what happened (as an example)….THIS is the power of physically putting your vision on paper.

On ONE of the pictures I cut out over 2 years ago, i had a picture of a skydiver skydiving over water.  I put that pitcture up and said “I am going to do THAT”.   Drumroll…..there are probably over 100,000 skydivers in the WORLD.  The guy in the picture?  UM YEAH.  Turns out, when I came to Skydive Miami to learn to Skydive- i see that SAME picture on thier wall.  The guy in the picture?  RANDI.  As in  RANDI MELFI.  Yes- the same Randi Melfi that I get to skydive with every day 🙂  FOR REALS….I literally created exactly what was in that picture.  The WHOLE THING.

So just when you think the vision boards, plans, timelines and COMMITMENT (by you) are fluff- think again.  This is how I put myself in a position to create EVERYTHING I do (it also how the most successful people I know get things done).  So along the vision board lines- I ALSO put a picture of me flying my plane (i don’t know how to fly nor do I have a plane).

Well?  My older brother got his pilots license from Steve….he says “when you come to Miami you can learn to fly here!”….uh- well?!!!!….drumroll…here we are 🙂  Flying IN the plane with Steve and Steve letting me fly the plane (we will start the pilots license most likely in May).

So I hope you enjoy!  This is a wonderful life and I love sharing it with you!!!!  I can’t wait for you all to come into Miami and join me!  So here we go- three quick videos from today…

*  OFF WE GO!!!…..

*  I get to fly!!!!!

*  If a crash- do THIS….tour of South beach 🙂



  1. Ingrid, your advice of making a dream board is great! I will try that. I usually journalize and write down my goals and what I want, but I’ve never tried putting it into images before. Thanks!

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