Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 7, 2009

‘How To’ Video Blog- What is a PPM? (Need it to raise money)

Hi there:  Head down work day (which explains “the look”- but- HEY!- we are putting deals together and I got more important things to think about right now!)…but I wanted to take a moment to let you in on what a PPM is.  A lot of people (entrepreneurs) seeking to raise money ask me about the process, what’s involved and what is a PPM?…well here is a quick description.

If you need help putting money together, etc.etc.- my business can certainly help you or connect you with the right person who can (if we can’t).  That said, our focus is on finding those Game Changing companies (the ones led by entrepreneurs who think, act and do different things that enable them to take their great ideas and execute in a way they can become leaders in their space)…

Just know- there is help out there, there is also money out there and now its time for you to knock it out of the ballpark!  

Good luck!…keep doing great things!- iV



  1. Dear Ingrid,I met you at the party in Austin several weeks ago.Please email me when you have a chance regarding two projects.

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