Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 4, 2009

My Friday- 1 Girl, 4 Dogs, 1 Sportscar & The TollRoad

 HEY PEEPS!!!!  Happy Weekend!  Okay- Corey Kossack said that he was going to nominate me for the most eccentric video blogger of the year award.  I simply think that Daily Musings of an Entrepreneurial Adventurer is far better….besides- its my blog so I can say whatever i want.  Right?!  (you know you would say the same thing!!!).  Plus- I am only on my FOURTH video blog so you never know…it might actually turn into something super useful?!..or maybe not.  That’s what all the BIDNESS (, SHOW ( is for. 🙂  Hey- life is short- you GOTTA MAX IT OUT! 🙂  So work hard but more importantly- HAVE FUN 🙂

SO this is VIDEO BLOG #4.  WOOHOO!  “This is How we Roll”….

Okay- so along those lines- here is a funny little video to kick off your weekend.  WARNING:  I am looking pretty hot in this video so if you have a jealous spouse/partner or are single…you might not want to watch.  For reals.  You will see what I mean. 😉

xoxoxo IV – HAPPY WEEKEND!  Off to go out of a plane


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