Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 3, 2009

Is She Accepted?!…drum roll…

Hi all:  Many of you know that I moved into Miami last August?  September?…thinking this would be a part time move.  Well?  Needless to say, I have fallen in love with it- the city, the people, the culture- the great activities…ALL of it!

In the process, my brothers realtor, Renee S. Gross and I became friends.  Turns out, she is a long time member (and former President) of The Young Patronesses of the Opera.  Its an invite-only organization that is open to new members once a year…and as you can imagine- it all about women who LOVE, support, volunteer and fundraise for the opera and all its related programs (including kids programs).  After meeting the group a number of times at organized coffee’s- i feel in love with the group, the women and the organization.  Some of the women have been part of the Miami community since they were born.  They love the opera, I love the opera and they are great great women 🙂  

In any case, I have really wanted to join this group and build more deep friendships in a community that I have fallen in love with.  BUT!…my understanding is they have never had a skydiver/ motorcycle racer/ snowboarder?!….hmmmm…will they accept me into the group?  I have been waiting for weeks to see…the envelope arrived today.  

YIKES.  Its thin….(remember what getting accepted into your fraternity or sorority was like?  I never had that [my schools didn’t offer it] but I imagine this is what it must have felt like…)….ooohhhh….its small.  okay- here it goes….



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