Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 3, 2009

“Fake it Till You Make It”- here’s how to do it & what it looks like…

The view from my "office" at the Biltmore for biz calls this AM

The view from my "office" at the Biltmore for biz calls this AM

Hi all:

So you have heard the saying-  (credited to Mary Kay Ash) is “Fake it till you Make it” right? It works.  Live in the present- create surroundings that reflect your ideal scene, create a plan (you do have to act)- and create what you want.  It doesn’t matter where you are in life- broke, depressed, just starting out, already “making it”- whatever.  You can “fake it till you make it” at any point in your life and in fact- as life is a never ending journey- you always WILL be moving within and towards your goals.

I have had people ask me, “but how does this really work”?!  I will show you.

SO HERE IS WHAT I ENVISION:  My ideal scene is the following:

*  Wake up, hit gym, go to studio for filming my tv show.

*  Once show is done filming, go back to my place that overlooks the water, check in on the investments and reach out to the entrepreneurs I am working with that need help (help with contacts, strategy, sales, whatever).  These companies will be all over the country (and the world) so a private plane will come in handy for convenience (wouldn’t it for everyone?!- but seriously…come on peeps!  the convenience!, the everything!…being a green energy tree hugger- i am hoping that soon the private planes will run on renewable hydrogen energy created from wastewater soon but that’s another story).  Once that’s done- go skydive, ride/face bikes, spend time with family you get the picture.

*  I figure that I will spent 9 months out of the year working really intensely and then spend my summers writing new books etc.etc. on how its possible to make money and a life doing what you love.  I have a really clear plan for all of this but you get the point.  I love living well, enjoying everyday, seeing beautiful things, meeting wonderful people and most of all- moving towards a bigger vision of enabling people all around the world, in some way- to tap into their entrepreneurial dream(s) as I operate from the belief that its through entrepreneurship (following your passion and making money doing what you love) that we will create positive global social and economic change.

SO HERE IS WHERE I AM AT NOW:  So I don’t have a house on the water yet with my office in it, working on the new show, and the private plane?  Well…still paying school loans if that tells you anything.

EXAMPLE #1 of FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT: #1- Instead of the house on the water with the $6,000 mortgage, I bought a gym membership to The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables $179/month.  This is where I working out and have my business meetings (fake it till you make it #1).  Seriously.  When you have this to look at every day- who WOULDN’T be inspired to create this scene in our everyday reality?!  This is how I did it.  For $179/month i get a great gym, a beautiful location, wonderful people and the world’s best meeting spot.

EXAMPLE #2. I can’t wait to do my next Primetime show on television (that show came out of Fake it till you make it too….i created a vision board with me in front of camera’s and visualized myself filming every day even though I had no formal tv training).  When I finished with CNBC, I turned my attention back to my businesses.  I always knew I wanted another show on tv when I was ready and that point started to come about 6 months ago.  One of my business partners suggested that there was a new technology out that would enable me to interview people online.  Would I be interested in creating a daily web show that would get me back doing interviews again (and bringing great stories out about entrepreneurs?)…OF COURSE!  I would do this show and then create another vision board that showed me again in front of camera’s with a studio audience.  If you saw the video blog yesterday- you saw that the tv show is now in fact in progress too….that’s how it happens!  You can see the daily web show at and on  The web site for the web show is at

Getting ready to film On The Road with iV- this past Wed April 1, 2009

Getting ready to film On The Road with iV- this past Wed April 1, 2009

EXAMPLE #3– I want to have the money to have a private plane.  The reason is- I love the convenience of flying private (you walk right up to the airplane and get on…the pilot leaves when you are ready).  This desire was actually inspired by my first mentor, the late Dr. George Kozmetsky.  He was in his 80’s and we would have to meet between 4-6AM in the morning (we would go to his favorite grease joint restaurant- the Holiday House in Austin Texas- no longer there) and order eggs and talk business.  The reason we would have to meet so early is that by 6AM, he was usually grabbing one of his private planes to fly around the country looking at his businesses, making sure everything was running right.  I figured then that “WOW….if my businesses are doing so well that I need a plane to be able to get around to all of them to be able to help the entrepreneurs running them- I must be doing pretty well!”.  For those of you who know me, I became a Founding member of the Billionaire Girls Club ( for a reason.  My intention is to generate  net worth so that I can turn around and use that cash to fund other entrepreneurs who are changing the world and philanthropic efforts that make a difference.  You can help me get there by spreading the word about this blog (thank you!), follow me on Twitter, watch the show  or hire me!   I love to speak, consult and built great companies and basically build systems that enable you to make money doing what you love 🙂

In any case- I have a really active life, so having the private plane to provide some level of convenience would be awesome.  So what’s the FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT part?   When I am sitting on my US AIRWAYS flight (although Southwest remains my favorite)- I love to look out the window and imagine I am sitting on my private plane, getting flown through the sky to my next big adventure.

My View from my private plane (okay- really from my US Airways flight but hey- imagination is the key to visualizing what you want)

My View from my private plane (okay- really from my US Airways flight but hey- imagination is the key to visualizing what you want)

I listen to inspiring music on my iPOD and journal about what I am going to do when I land….my friends/ colleagues know this about me (and the fact that when I finish my skydiving license- 6 JUMPS AWAY!…I will begin my pilots license) so any chance they get (or that makes sense) they take me on one of there planes….slowly but surely I am getting there!…

ALSO- ONE KEY TO REMEMBER IS “ASK FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT”.  This ONE thing is what is really at the key of “making it happen”.

The private plane ride touring over Miami...thank you Steve (pilot)!! (he will be my pilot instructor)

The private plane ride touring over Miami...thank you Steve (pilot)!! (he will be my pilot instructor)

SO FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT….Make your dream boards.  Imagine your ideal scene.  create a plan to get there.  Yes- people might think its whacked- but who cares?!… I can guarantee from experience that everything I have every put on a dream board that I kept in front of me- it happened or is in the process of happening (and besides- haven’t you found that when you ahve big ideas or a big dream that its easier for people to say “no” then it is to say “yes” because then there might be work involved to make it happen!- so KEEP YOUR VISION CLOSE- and keep working towards it.  You will be the one laughing and sharing YOUR stories when and as it all happens!- and then inspiring others to do the same- thats how it works).  SO MAKE IT HAPPEN and FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!  Have a happy friday! xoxoxo IV



  1. Ingrid – I gotta tell you, I read these posts (via your links on FB) and this one is a beauty. Keep radiating that positive energy, it’s having an impact. Certainly with me.


  2. thank you so much :)…that is super inspiring and makes me feel great 🙂 will do!!! take care and have a great weekend thank you!

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