Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | April 1, 2009

Peter Himmelman Blew Up My Show! (so many fans we couldn’t fit them!)- 10 Lessons Learned

Hey peeps…this is DAYUM funny (totally impressive too!- its a first!)!  One of today’s guest for On The Road with iV is Peter Himmelman- the amazingly talented, Grammy and Emmy Award winning singer/songwriter.   PETER HIMMELMAN BLEW UP MY SHOW!

Peter Himmelman BEFORE he blew up my show.

Peter Himmelman BEFORE he blew up my show.

Long story short….if you are going to put a BAD ASS on the show, make sure that you have enough seats to let all the fans come in and join.  We figured that a few hundred seats would be enough…not quite (okay- maybe not that many- but a LOT.)…(we work on a budget people!…we can only afford so many seats!- sponsors? sponsors?!) 🙂

You see, the way that On The Road with iV works is that we film every Wednesday.  Its an online show and once its recorded, the segments for each show get rolled out on a daily basis on iVTV (grins)  Its possible to watch the live recordings by signing in to the web feed while the show is being aired.

The producers of the show announced to the OTR fans (okay- i guess really the Peter Himmelman fans) that he was going to be on the show today.  Next thing we knew- the system got TOTALLY bombarded with people singing in to watch (its free to watch) and the show couldn’t handle it!  PETER HIMMELMAN (or at least his fans) LITERALLY BLEW UP THE SHOW!!!!  lol…

So instead of talking about HIS totally cool show, “Furious World’s” which airs live every Tuesday on, asking about how he funds it, listening to him play us some tunes and learning more about KingFerdinand (that would be his turtle he is trying to hook up with its Queen)- we instead got this….(see image- notice.  No Peter on the screen with me.  Instead…Just producers/ producers!…maybe they can sing?)

That would be me, with my producers working frantically to get the show back on air about 30 minutes ago.

That would be me trying to stay relaxed as my producers work frantically to get the show back on air about 30 minutes ago.

Words to the wise (10 Lessons Learned):

1)  Apologize.  UGH.  So sorry to Peter, the producers and the fans who joined today…we promise to make it better next time!

2) If you are going to have a popular dude on your show- MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SEATS TO FIT THEM!  (in my case- the bandwidth)- otherwise MAHEM!  Hey- seriously- Peter Himmelman even beat out Craig Newmark’s (Craigslist) number of guests….who wooda thunk it?!

3)  Make the best of it…I for one, am writing this blog [and lessons learned]. See?  Easy.  We can turn something good out of well?…crap.

4) Don’t be distressed if you don’t get a date with peter Himmelman.  Clearly we all want it or my system wouldn’t have blown up when you all wanted it too.

5)  Ask for another date when you get a “no” for whatever reason you get it.  In this case, the Universe conspired against us….”Dear Peter…would you PLEASE be on my show again?!  I promise to have a million seats so that all your fans can view it live!” 🙂  (let’s see if this works)

6)  DO what it takes to earn the first request, do a great job and then make another request to showcase that you learned a TON.  “Dear Peter…since your show clearly seems to not have the same technical limitations as mine, can I please come and be on your show too?!”


8)  THANK EVERYONE who tried there best to do such a great job. In my case- I want the thank Peter and crew, the fans, Lyn graft of LG Pictures and Chance Carpenter of Essential Event Technologies.  I love all you guys and the great work you are doing- and we will knock it out on the next one!…

9)  GET BACK ON THE HORSE….(we are currently upgrading our systems to handle the higher volume)

10) GIVE Direction as to Next steps!- TO ALL THE FANS…..thank you for being part of the show and can’t wait to interview Peter with something even BIGGER AND BETTER!!!!!!  Think about it?!!!!…by the time the interview gets rescheduled- we might have been able to find King Ferdinand a date and we can fill you in on the details…


xoxo- see you on the next episodes of On The Road with iV!


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