Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 30, 2009

Got Your Twitter Page?!…

My Twitter Home page thanks to

My Twitter Home page thanks to

If you don’t already have a Twitter page- you are missing out on one of the best ways to market yourself.

Its a bit addictive and can get a little crazy (with all the updates) but its absolutely all the rage.   I knew it was time to write about it when I was watching FOX News and the newscaster had a “lower third” below her that said “Follow Me on Twitter”…unreal.  Its even in the main media.  So in any case- Iam on a flight to Phoenix this AM so gotta run.  If you want to see who the top “tweets” are go to  To set up your own Twitter page go to (its super easy, free and you can have it to feed into your Facebook page to automatically change your updates).  To join me and the adventures on the road- follow me on twitter by going to this URL & simply clicking the Follow button (after you have registered). For tips on creating your own business background heres a blog from today from Sarah Prout — —  My background came from LG over at

Have a great day & CU on the road in Phoenix this week!


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