Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 27, 2009

The Power of Titles…Who Made up Titles Anyways?!!!!- What is YOUR Title?!!!

Hey peeps!…okay- first of all CEASAR is back!  Opera, outside my window- again 🙂  if you want to meet Ceasar, my opera singing handyman- check yesterday’s blog and you will see the “Man Known As Ceasar”.

Second of all….I am in a dilemma and definitely in need help.  I have to finish up my new web site and my designers are asking me for my “official title”.  I have steered away from the CEO thing because really- while I love being and doing what CEO’s do- that doesn’t DEFINE me.  What defines me is the work I get to do with entrepreneurs, the adventures I take, and the rainmaking i love being a part of that empowers deals to happen.  We all also know, anything with a C in it, or a SVP, or VP or (you get my drift)- opens doors….but MAN!- there HAS TO BE MORE…something better, something more descriptive!  

Tuesday I heard a great one from Kim Overton, founder of Spibelt.  She is now the “Chief Spibeltologist”.  COOL!  

That's Kim, "Chief Spibeltologist"

That's Kim, "Chief Spibeltologist"

You of course have heard of Chief Googler.  Or how about Alexander Kjerulf, author of “Happy Hour is 9 to 5″…he is making MILLIONS as the “Chief Happiness Officer”…I met him at my Billionaire Girls Club co-founder Traci Fenton’s (The World Blu Live Conference)- talk about an organization breaking the mold and changing the way we think about titles and roles inside organizations!  Traci’s title?  CEO.  I think she’s changing it.  For those who know Traci though- CEO applies :)…and she does everything with ease, grace and beauty.


This is Alex, "Chief Happiness Officer".  He just LOOKS like a happy dude!

This is Alex, "Chief Happiness Officer". He just LOOKS like a happy dude!



Okay- so back to titles…. right now the promotional postcard for the On The Road with iV Tour says:


WOuld it be bad if I added “lover of all things fast and pretty” :)…”lover of all things that other say can’t be done”…

What’s the coolest title YOU have heard?  What’s YOUR title?

WOW…so many choices, so little time.  What I DO KNOW is that I LOVE finding out what makes successful people tick.  That’s why, like Napoleon Hill- I run around and collect stories and create media that shares this insight, guidance and knowledge with others.  i love combining this knowledge with my own experiences in business to create success Blueprints for entrepreneurs that gives them the blueprint to either make or grow their idea.  I LOVE seeing the non-obvious connections between opportunities and people that when put together creates deals and magic for win win opportunities.  I LOVE MAKING THINGS HAPPEN…..and then getting the adrenaline rush that adrenaline adventures/ sports has to offer as a counter balance….

Okay- so the HUNT for TITLES is ON!!!!!!  Please send me your coolest title…I would LOVE to write about it!…and if you think Titles are a bunch of bologna- would love to hear that too!



  1. Titles matter.
    C-Level titles get more respect than others.
    This is why companies have split up the “top dog” jobs into an entire alphabet (CEO,CFO, CTO, etc) — they are sharing the “status.”
    You should keep the “cache” of the conventional, but make it your own.

    How about:
    CSO (Chief Synergy Officer) ?

  2. I’m a Fire Starter. Think I was born that way…

  3. Thanks for the kind mention. Appointing myself Chief Happiness Officer has been a lot of fun and certainly gets a lot of attention.

    I previously blogged about the futility of “normal” titles here:

    That post also has a list of very cool titles from Quicken Loans’ marketing department, including:
    * Supreme Challenger of the Status Quo & Wicked Web Site Innovator
    * Flasher
    * Pixelardo da Vinci

    Neat huh?

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