Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 25, 2009

“FLY SUIT” for ‘On The Road with iV’ Tour Just IN!


Yeah baby!  It arrives AND- now it fits!

Yeah baby! It arrives AND- now it fits!

Hi all!

Busy busy these days- the TOUR opener kicked off in Austin as you know on March 12, 2009.  Now- we are getting ready to travel the country for On the Road with iV!  We are on our mission to find the world’s TOP entrepreneurs and those businesses that are going to change our economy given big companies clearly won’t  🙂

So my personal mantra for the tour is RIDE. DRIVE. FLY.!  So in addition to interviewing some of our countries top entrepreneurs- we will arrive either riding (motorcycles), driving (you know this one) or FLYING! (skydiving!)…

With this in mind- my new TOUR suit has arrived thanks to Ana Sang at the drop zone.  It also now FITS thank you to Caroline Provost-Reil who is a master sewer and can fix anything (and is an amazing skydiving camera flyer).

Now we need to get our sponsor logos on the suit and we will be all set!  I am in a mad dash across the board because I need 6 more jumps to get my skydiving license.  While I am now jumping on my own- this way- I can comfortably run by the near by drop zones close to the cities I am visiting.  I am going through AUSTIN. DALLAS. PHILADELPHIA. NYC. ATLANTA. CHICAGO. SEATTLE. SAN FRANCISCO and MIAMI (got that one covered :)…its my home drop zone…so keep your fingers crossed.  I need the 

So IF you are a skydiver (or want to go with me when I am in your city)- LET ME KNOW!  I would LOVE to jump with you!  TOUR DATES will be announced first of next week with the launch of the new site- so BE ON THE LOOKOUT!!!!!

…and- if you want to sponsor us- of COURSE we love that too 🙂

Okay!  will send more pics when the patches are on the suit!- My first patch however will always go to Skydive Miami…thank you to Fred, Guy, Glenn, Anthony and everyone at SDM for making all this possible….xoxoxo


My first patch = my first skydiving love :)...SKYDIVE MIAMI BABY!!!!

My first patch = my first skydiving love :)...SKYDIVE MIAMI BABY!!!!


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