Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 24, 2009

Some Tips I Learned from/for Guy Kawasaki

With Guy at his Offices in Palo Alto

With Guy at his Offices in Palo Alto

Hi all:

Hope you are having a great week.

Given we had a market uptick yesterday- I figured that it might be nice to share with you some tips I have learned from some of the most successful entrepreneurs, investors and millionaire makers I know.

One of my favorite of course is Guy Kawasaki.  Guy and I first met (i think?) when I was working with Microsoft on organizing their Small Business Summit and brought Guy in to speak.  As you can imagine- he was extraordinary and in fact- I just dug up an old video we did from that conference.  You can see it below.

Here are a few things I learned from Guy for those of you interested in getting a meeting with him and building the kind of business he looks for:

*  He wants to see businesses where the dogs are already eating the dog food (I know a lot of people say this- but he really means it.  trust me)

*  Doesn’t like to see a lot of money spent on an idea before it is proven to sell

*  Read some of his books- he outlines what he is looking for in them.  I STILL love “Rules for Revolutionairies” and think its one of the best Business Books out there.  I also love “How to Drive Your Competition Crazy”

*  Your idea should “sell” in 10 slides or less

*  he still LOVES the garage entrepreneurs- two guys/ girls who have concocted and idea up and somehow it has just taken off…

*  Look at what he did with Truemors- less than $25K spent on a business that he then turned around and sold- he continues to prove the same model in his own businesses for those he is seeking to invest in


*  As you have heard a million times before- a warm intro ALWAYS helps (he is bombarded with ideas/ people as you can imagine).  If you manage to get an email to him- you will always get a response.  However- there is a good chance that response is from his virtual assistant.  So the connections help a LOT.  Quick funny story- I sent Guy an email on the CV I had put together and asked him to give me feedback on it.  The feedback was short/ sweet and just from knowing his style- this email just did not seem like it came from Guy.  So I asked him about it.  he said “Oh!  I am so sorry!  I am traveling and my assistant got this taken care of and no- that wasn’t from me….here is MY feedback.”  Three or so pages later, with a good dose of reality (i.e. my CV had red ink all over it after he highlighted the fact that it spoke basically nothing about my real skill set)- I got my answer :)…it was pretty damn funny but there is no doubt that any time spent with Guy is a blessing.  The feedback/ insight is incredible.

*  He loves hockey!…One meeting we were scheduling to have- he asked if I could meet him at the ice rink…why I mention this?  a) its always nice to have a connection if you are into hockey and b) hurry the meeting up/ don’t be late because he is probably got you scheduled in between a hockey game

*  Show him how he can make money and have fun…he has kids to support!, plays hockey- speaks, is an author and has one of the most successful track records out there…(basically a super busy guy with a plate full).  If you want his time and help- figure out how you can help him and make it fun AND worthwhile…

*  Here are ways you can keep up with him (from his email signature…love the commentary)….

have a great rest of your week!


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