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100th Episode of “On The Road with iV” Today! Thank you!!!

Rob McNealy with Desmond Tutu

Rob McNealy with Desmond Tutu

Today marks the 100th Episode of “On The Road with iV”!!!!  You can watch it on and find updates on  Today’s episode features entrepreneur Rob McNealy of StartupStory Radio.  Rob continues to build his brand by healping small businesses solve their business challenges.

“On The Road with iV” wouldn’t be possible without Lyn Graft of LG Pictures, and Chance Carpenter of Essential Event Technologies & the CLUB E Network for hosting the show to date!  Our sponsors (shout out!)- to RAE COSMETICS, BYU-TI, ESTILO, Martin Maldonado and DUCATI Austin.  We also want to thank CSIdentity for their sponsorship and a thank you to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE for their sponsorship of launch party in Austin.

The show gives me the chance to live out a dream to bring access to the entrepreneurs around the globe who are making a difference, changing the world and doing it profitably.  From these virtual mentors, we are able to learn about what works/ what doesn’t, overcoming obstacles, financial strategies and their vision for their companies, themselves and their contributions in the world.  This journey has let us connect with amazing entrepreneurs from our first guest, the 21 year old founder of NFFTY ( The National Film Festival for Talented Youth to people like Craig Newmark of Craigslist.  The incredible thing about the majority of the people I interview is that MOST of them have experienced financial failure, worried about how they were going to survive another day, bootstrapped their way to the top.

The question I get asked most is “What are the success traits you have found amongst all the people you have interviewed?”.  My answer?  There are TWO things most common amongst ALL the entrepreneurs I interview (including the ones from my CNBC show like Howard Shultz [Starbucks] and Willie G. Davidson [Harley Davidson]) is 1) they do what they are PASSIONATE about and 2) they are PERSISTENT.

Thats Jesse up top, in the back with volunteers and attendees of NFFTY.

Thats Jesse up top, in the back with volunteers and attendees of NFFTY.

I have learned a TON from the guests from the show and excited when fans of OTR with iV tell me what they have learned as well.  Matt Mullenweg, founder of WORDPRESS taught me how to build my own wordpress blog site- the one we are using now.   Rochelle Rae, from RAE Cosmetics told us how she saved $10 in a shoebox under her bed from every job she got hired on to do makeup.  Over time, this little bit of savings gave her the money she needed to order her first batch of product and begin RAE COSMETICS (  From Tim Sanders (Author of “Saving the World at Work”) we learned how to build a personal brand and how to monetize it once you do (he gets paid $25,000- $50,000 an appearance!).  One of our most recent guests, Gary Vaynerchuk ( gave us some similar tips on branding products and people.  Biggest word of advice for those of you with great ideas?  If you don’t know how to monetize it- find someone to partner with who does (AND remember- YOUR CONTENT [the unique perspective only YOU can bring] is king:)….)

With Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WORDPRESS holding a "Sweet Leaf Tea" from another amazing entrepreneur and friend, Christopher Clayton.

With Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WORDPRESS holding a "Sweet Leaf Tea" from another amazing entrepreneur and friend, Christopher Clayton.

I think one of the most inspiring things about this show in general is the chance to showcase these incredible entrepreneurs (our virtual mentors), help tell their stories so that all of us can gain ideas, inspiration and information to build our own businesses.  We like to think that we are building the world’s BEST show about entrepreneurs and in 2009  (borrowing from Gary V.)- we are going to “Crush It!”.

The show has also had an incredible benefit in expanding my training/consulting sessions with entrepreneurs (thank you)- The Entrepreneurial Blueprints .  The EB has helped me help other entrepreneurs start and/or grow their businesses and leverage my Rolodex to help create win/ win opportunities that drive awareness, sales, cash flow and success.  I have gotten to work with all kinds of entrepreneurs and their ideas from a cupcake company,

With Malgosia Monje, Co-FOunder (with husband Tony) BEST CUPCAKES EVER!!!

With Malgosia Monje, "Entrepreneurial Blueprint" client and Co-Founder (with husband Tony) BEST CUPCAKES EVER!!!

to a mobile news agency, a spa, a film company, a tee shirt company, a venture fund, an HR company, lots of internet based technology companies, real estate and more.  A few of these clients have gone on to be featured in On The Road with iV!

For me, my personal dream is to someday be a “global voice for entrepreneurs”.  The world needs to see/learn from what’s possible when ONE person, with a clear vision, passion and persistence can do!  I want to piggyback off the mobile technology movement to create applications that further empower entrepreneurs to stay inspired and generate cash flow from their passion-based businesses.  I want to be like Matt Mullenweg who travels the world to attend WORDPRESS Meet-ups (“On The Road with iV” meet-ups?)…to listen and learn from you about how I can serve you better.  WHO do you want to learn from?  WHAT do you want to learn?  WHY do you want to learn it?…and most importantly- ONCE YOU GOT IT- what are you going to DO about it?!  I am also getting older and I have this gut feeling that I am on the “adopt a soccer team plan” in a couple years- so I need to hurry up and make BANK so I can afford that team!!!  (I also want to fund a school, put more money into training girls to become entrepreneurs and expand a venture fund to invest in “game-changing” companies around the globe).  I want to host another tv show on either network or cable television and am excited to be working down that path….basically- if I can do 1/5th of what Rachel Rae did for the foodie marketplace and do it for the entrepreneurship marketplace- I will be PUMPED…So I am going to keep hustling it until I reach those goals….(I became a founding member of The Billionaire Girls Club for a reason)…

In the meantime, I intend to keep workin’ it, trying to pay the bills (so please hire us!, hire me to come speak at your function!, buy an Entrepreneurial BLueprint!), fund our expanding team at, getting out there and making it happen.  I keep mental balance with all the adventures you see me blog about sometimes like racing motorcycles (thank you DUCATI AUSTIN!),

DUCATI AUSTIN- Best place to buy Ducati!...qualtiy/ care/service excellent (ask for FOiV incentives!) From left: Vito Dionisio (owner), Mark Harries (owner), me :), Joey Martinez (GM), Dennis Carrow (Sr. Ducatista) and Warren Egger (Sales Manager)

DUCATI AUSTIN- Best place to buy Ducati!...qualtiy/ care/service excellent (ask for FOiV incentives!) From left: Vito Dionisio (owner), Mark Harries (owner), me :), Joey Martinez (GM), Dennis Carrow (Sr. Ducatista) and Warren Egger (Sales Manager)

skydiving (thank you Guy Manos and Skydive Miami!), snowboarding, hitting the gym and sleeping every moment i sit down and don’t have a meeting or another adventure.  I LOVE sleep- but until I reach my goals- that is going to be few and far between.

I hope that the videos, training tools and resources that my team and I continue to put out are those that inspire, empower and enable everyday people like me and you to connect with their “inner entrepreneur”.  As we continue to grow, please be on the lookout for new videos, products and resources we will continue to make available to you at  Let us know how we can help you and THANK YOU- all of you- for being the incredible entrepreneurs, sponsors and supporters you are….keep rockin it and see you after the next 100 episodes when we hit 200!!!!  If you have ideas for entrepreneurs that should be featured on the show- please email Producer .  As always- if you need to reach me, my amazing assistant Maggie is always here to help (as am I).  Her number is 310-945-8659.  My email is and Maggie’s email is  Be on the lookout over the next week for the launch of the new site and THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT!  From all of us here at “On The Road with iV”- we LOVE YOU and keep jammin your entrepreneurial adventures!!!!  xoxoxo IV. Thanks LG!!!

iV n LG on the ROAD...CU

iV n LG on the ROAD...CU


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