Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 14, 2009

On The Road with iV Launch- Thank you- “FOiV” off and Running!


After the party from left- Tyler, me, Glenn, Sloan, Bijoy, Ava and Zach

After the party from left- Tyler, me, Glenn, Sloan, Bijoy, Ava and Zach

Thank you to all who attended last night’s Season 2 Launch party of On The Road with iV!  It was incredible to see everyone- both old and new friends.  Thank you fans of the show who came to support the On The Road with iV entrepreneurial movement!

Also want to give a shout out to those sponsors who came in support of entrepreneurship and who make it all possible:  CSIdentity (we missed you Bill!), DUCATI Austin (love you guys thank you!- and the bikes too!), Bombay Sapphire for the fabulous cocktails, BYU-TI from Los Angeles, ESTILO (Stephanie’s boutique was a FAB location for the launch!)- RAE COsmetics for making all of us look our best, Martin Maldonado for incredible site design, LaPistola Photography for both great photography and making such a great OTR with iV poster!!!, LG Pictures for producing the party (and the show) and Essential Event Technologies from Phoenix (co producers), BMW Austin for the cars and carry bags 🙂  Big thanks to Ultimate Cupcake for all the yummy treats!!!! (

The On The Road with iV Road Tour will continue to spread the word and mission of entrepreneurship around the country.  We are really proud to announce the FOIV (“Friends of iV”- how cool is that?!!) Preferred Members.  All the Sponsors of the tour are offering special pricing to FOIV Members.  Sign ups begin next week at  Once you have a FOIV number, you can use that with all of the On The Road with iV Sponsors.  For those of you who attended last night, as Stephanie from ESTILO and the other sponsors announced, they will take care of you in the meantime.

Truly- I cannot thank all of you enough.  Especially during these times in our economy- empowering our own success in life and in business is key.  There is no better time than today to take your idea, turn it into a business and live the life you imagined.  Just looking at the Sponsors and seeing there eagerness to support the cause is humbling.  Here at On The Road with iV we will continue to bring you the how-to stories from some of the best entrepreneurs around the globe and I of course will continue to fill you in on all the life adventuring along the way.

In the meantime- thank you again and see you!  By the way- if you are in Austin- I look forward to seeing you all again in May when I am emceeing the MOOT CORP Competition (The “Superbowl of Business Plan Competitions”) and  hosting the Conference!  Come join us as we uncover and celebrate the stories of entrepreneurship!



  1. That picture makes me smile! It was great fun seeing you in action and meeting your friends who all seemed to have the same love of entrepreneurship as you. They not only put up with me ranting about my new idea (, but their eyes seemed to light up. Maybe that was all that Bombay Sapphire Gin… my new favorite cocktail! Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and for taking the time to meet with me at Fair Bean. I am chompin’ at the bit!

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