Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | March 11, 2009

The Final Promo Poster Shot- On The Road with iV

The End Product- thank you Chad from!!!

The End Product- thank you Chad from!!!

Hi all!  Thought you would like to see the end product of the photoshoot we posted last week.  I think its SO MUCH FUN to see how things/ photoshoots/ film shoots/ tv commercials- you name it- come together!!    Of the 1,000+ photos taken that day- this is the one the Producers chose and is the one that will lead the media campaign for Season 2 of my show, On The Road with iV.  See The Episodes link to watch it daily!!

I Also wanted to thank all my sponsors who make all this possible.  On The Road with iV enables our production team and I to be able to interview some of today’s top entrepreneurs from around the globe.  With these interviews, we are able to bring not only entertaining stories about entrepreneurs who have overcome adversity to create opportunity- we are also able to capture great learning tools in these videos!

Thank you to RAE Cosmetics who create makeup to “take the heat like the women who wear it”…perfect for girls on the go like us…and to DUCATI for allowing me to ride the best bike on the market (the Monster 696)…ESTILO for style, BYU-TI for hair, BMW for wheels and CSIdentity and Bombay Sapphire Gin for  supporting the launch in Austin tomorrow night at ESTILO.

OKay everyone- we are updating our website and to being you the latest and greatest from the road.  We will announce dates for the cities and if you have a great entrepreneur (or are one yourself) especially in any of these locations- we would love to hear about you.   C U all On The Road!


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