Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | February 27, 2009

Meet Some of the People Working to Save America’s Economy

Hi all:  good lord busy busy.  Lot going on.  We are trying to turn this economy around and god knows there is a LOT of work to do.  A group of us met in Phoenix yesterday and were invited to the launch of The Valley Advisory Group held at the gorgeous Four Seasons.  This group is not only building the economy in Arizona, but people flew in from around the country to strategize on what to do to empower entrepreneurs to be successful.

People to know: from left:  Lupe Gomez, me(!), Peter Burns, Sue Malone, Tony Hudson, Karen Hudson

People to know: from left: Lupe Gomez, me(!), Peter Burns, Sue Malone, Tony Hudson, Karen Hudson



Sue Malone largest lender to small business in the US- with  She is also on Obama’s Small Business Council).   Lupe Gomez and I talked banking (he is the VP/ Relationship Manager for Sonoran Bank) .  As a nice tangent, it turns out Lupe likes racing too.  So besides the important business at hand, we talked bikes, cars, motors, tracks, skydiving and anything that goes fast. (nice :)…)  when times are tough- its awesome to have an intense outlet like adrenaline sports (as i have said many times before- motorcycle racing is the ONLY thing that gets my mind to totally get quiet….skydiving comes in a close second). 

Of course then there is Peter Burns, entrepreneur extraordinnaire, friend and biz partner (and Prez. of Valley Advisory Group).  he was also the organizer of last night’s event and the master mind behind bringing all of us together. Tony Hudson is the web marketing machine for anything entrepreneur.  His wife Karen was beautiful and all around- what a great night…beautiful place, beautiful people and important topics.

So great night and now back to work…keep your eyes/ ears out for this team in the news….in all seriousness- there is a lot of work to do but this team is up for the challenge.  Thank you again Peter for organizing the over 200 guests to a great evening and an important event. xo- IV


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