Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | February 18, 2009

The girl entrepreneur who got all the boys….

Today has been so busy- getting ready for the upcoming On The Road with iV Tour kicking off in Austin Texas on March 12, 2009.  I am flying in a week early to do a photoshoot for my sponsor, RAE COSMETICS ( which should be a lot of fun.  The idea of the photoshoot is that RAE creates makeup “to take the heat, like the women  who wear it”.  I LOVE companies that promote inspired and empowered women (go girls!!!).  Thank you for sponsoring me and can’t wait to do the photoshoot!

Another very fun and amazing thing happened today.  Thanks to Facebook, my childhood girlfriend Tracy Minning Thomas and I connected  a couple months back.  

from left:  my little sister Erin, Wharton MBA '09 (she was studying), me and wondergirl Tracy Minning Thomas

from left: my little sister Erin, Wharton MBA '09 (she was studying), me and wondergirl Tracy Minning Thomas

I had search for her for some time and it took Facebook to make that reunion happen.  She saw on my twitter/FBook last night that I was going to be in Philly today and voila!- living close by- she came into town and we just had lunch!!!!  It was the coolest thing to say the least after having not seen for her over 23 years.  She is a mother now and of course, as I would have figured, the mom whose house all the kids want to go to…reason being (drumroll)…

Everyone loves Tracy and I am proud to say that she and I were entrepreneurs from day one.  We knew how to make a buck. We also learned the power of good teamwork.  We also learned a few really great life lessons.  

The story goes something like this…We saw that all the boys had paper routes and were earning cold hard cash.  So seeing an opportunity, we called the paper to get our own paper route.  The only problem was that we were younger then the kids they hired and two- we would be the only girls “you REALLY think you two can handle this?!”….being the entrepreneurs we are- we landed ourselves our own paper route.  Being fast talkers, we landed ourselves the LARGEST paper route in the area (there were two of us!- we could handle it) and being Girls- we got the best tips 🙂  (i know- its bad but it was true). 

However- life in the paper route world would teach us some good life lessons too.  Those came in the form of having to set priorities when we really just wanted to go to the pool and swim.  It also taught us about integrity and not lying.  This lesson came in the form of being grounded for doing stupid things.  You see, when Tracy and I decided that our priorities were going to be play instead of our job, we threw the papers into the sewer never to be seen again (“the boys must be stealing our papers!”).  After doing this a couple times and our parents being called by upset customers who weren’t getting our papers- the truth of our dirty deeds was admitted and BAM!- “Up to your Room and no tv, calls and going out for you!…only thing you will be allowed to do is your homework and your job”.  In my case, i also had to apologize to the customers for being such a little jerk.  (talk about embarrassment- good god- but I deserved it and I knew it- that was the worst part).  

So THIS is my friend Tracy :)…my partner in crime.  She also happened to be the girl who got all the boys in school.  That part wasn’t as much fun.  You know how when you have that one friend as a kid that is just so cool?  Well, that was Tracy.  It didn’t help that her father also owned the Stroh’s distributorship.  Even though we were like 7 when we first met,  became friends and entrepreneurs- we both still knew it was cool to have a Dad who owned the distributorship.  I mean come on- she got the VIP seats to the Dallas Cowboys/ Redskins game (we lived in Washington DC), got to be on tv commercials and most importantly, was given REAL Dallas Cowboys cheerleader pompoms from one of the girls after getting to hang out with them.  So i guess, even as I write this, I always aspired to be a little more like Tracy and what was so funny today is that she said, “I want you to know I am living vicariously through you.”…Funny how the world works :)…she will still always be the coolest best friend a girl could have AND as misery loves company,  DEFINITELY the coolest entrepreneur I could have  gotten grounded with while learning a few good life lessons i know carry forward as an entrepreneur. xoxo Tracy!!!!



  1. So cool! I didn’t know you had a paper route too! My first job was a paper route when I was 13. I delivered the paper using my bike and in West Texas there were several days that were icy and cold…what an experience! I never threw my papers in the sewer, but I’m sure I wished I could a time or two. 🙂

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