Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | February 15, 2009

Skydiving on my own…

Flying with My Instructor Glenn

Glenn Hodgson and me

Hi all!- so I am getting to jump out of a plane by myself these days and fly on my own.  Its absolutely thrilling!!!!  So the key to a good skydive (and I am certainly learning and will always be) is, (just like in business) to go into the air with “A PLAN.”  Without a plan- thats when people “go in” (basically hit the ground without opening).

I mention ‘going in’ because for whatever weird reason- for the past week- all I heard was stories about people “going in”…one funny story…

So one of my new partners in business is Guy Manos, world class, world record holding skydiver.  He is also a brilliant business mind and has applied his skills to create a system for making action films better, cheaper and faster.  (Look for the new business coming out this Spring- I will be blogging about it).  Long story short- he told me about the “boogies” from the 80’s.    

Think Woodstock for skydivers and that’s a boogie (of course adding lots of planes/ lots of skydivers).  In a nutshell, music is blaring, skydivers are falling from the sky- and as all the fun and games are going on, behind everyone- one of the skydivers “went in”.  You think this would be super traumatic for everyone but not in this crowd. 

Outside of an “oh well”, nothing stopped.  Not the music, not the laugher and definitely not the skydiving.  It wasn’t until less then 10 minutes later a SECOND jumper “went in” that the music stopped and over the intercom they heard “Will you guys CUT THAT SHIT OUT?!!!”….and then music back on, lots of laughter and of course, skydiving.  (excuse the language but that’s what they said!)  

Me with business partner and world-class skydiver, Guy Manos

Me with business partner and world-class skydiver, Guy Manos

That story, in a nutshell, basically sums up the mentality of skydivers.  HOWEVER….while it still sums up their mentality a LOT has changed since the skydiving of the 70’s- 80’s where anything goes.  Today,parachutes are better, reliable and equipped with automatic openers.  Having fun is still key, but safety bar none, is priority #1.  

So in skydiving, like in business, we know its risky, we know there are risks but if you keep a level head- you will do just great. 

So these days, I am working toward my license and getting better every day.  I didn’t do so well on one of my landings the other day- so i have a bit of a bum knee.  I wrapped it, took 4 Advil, wrapped another strap over my knee brace, grabbed a larger (i.e. more forgiving) chute and out the door again.  Screwing up a jump is good in the sense that I guarantee you are likely not going to make the exact same mistake twice.  Its simply too painful 🙂

So there is video of the jumps- but wanted to introduce you to two of the skydivers who are with me.  

 Glenn (my instructor, iV & Anthony (camera flyer)

Glenn (my instructor, iV & Anthony (camera flyer)

GLenn is of course my instructor and Anthony is the camera flyer capturing the progress on film 🙂  Love you guys!!!  THANK YOU SKYDIVE MIAMI!!!!!  For those of you coming into Miami- come on down- these flyers are the best in the world and safety is their number 1 priority…so when you are so inspired, come join us!


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