Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | February 9, 2009

Skydiving is for Entrepreneurs….


me and co-founder of Skydive Miami Fred Withsitt and Glenn Hodgson, my coach

me and co-founder of Skydive Miami Fred Whitsitt and Glenn Hodgson, my instructor

Hi all- :…so i got a bit of a verbal scolding from one of my producers this morning when I was at the drop zone getting ready for another jump and holding one of my business meetings.  The reason for the scolding?  I am not blogging enough :).  I heard that people want to hear about what its like to skydive!  Man- the WORK (rough, I know)

In all seriousness, I can honestly say that next to racing motorcycles, skydiving is the closest thing to helping me shut off my mind for a few minutes and think about nothing else other than exactly what I am doing in the moment.  For those of you who know me, this is a feat in and of itself (All exceptional entrepreneurs I know have ADD…so THAT is the story I am sticking with).  

There is absolutely nothing like jumping out of a plane and feeling an intense focusing mixed with absolute calm…its the best feeling in the world.  For an entrepreneur- I also think its exceptional mental training for all those challenging situations that wipe most people out.  If you can stay calm and do “your job” while falling 120 mph (or 174 feet/second), pull a chute, fly your canopy and land- there’s a good chance we’ll keep calm when the waters in business get tough.

So I shared my story about my producer with Fred Whitsitt, the co-founder, world-class champion skydiver and entrepreneur behind Skydive Miami and my instructor Glenn Hodgson- who has done over 9,500 jumps!  


Looking down 10,000 ft. right at ya!

Looking down 13,500 ft. right at ya! (ok- we are on the ground but you get the picture)

They quickly came to the rescue…Glenn pulled out his camera and started taking some shots.  Fred, being the entrepreneur extraordinaire he is, said “tell you what…we will send a camera person up with you every time you jump while you are getting your license.  You will be able to capture the entire licensing process on film and can tell everyone about what its like.”!!!!!  (we will show those producers!!!!)

So that puts us to now.  I am on Jump number 4 which means I threw myself out of a plane by myself (with Glenn holding my jumpsuit grips) for the first time.  I opened my chute and landed the canopy by myself.  I was pretty excited about it given there was no wind when I jumped and as I was landing some serious wind-gusts came through…but hey-  “I can handle it right?!!!”.  I have to admit, the hardest part is actually exiting the plane.  I am great ON the plane and IN the air.  Its the throwing myself out that is tough.  I can’t help but get that second of a tug in my head where i am saying “What the ___?!!!!” (enter your own words there)- You know what I mean  

So my next jump will be Jump #5 and the first time that in the air, Glenn will let me go to fly on my own.  I can honestly say that my entire life, I have wanted to fly.  Fly in business, fly in planes, fly on a motorcycle, on a snowboard, scuba diving over canyons- you name it….but in skydiving- i am getting to live out my life dream of REALLY getting to fly…

I will keep you posted.  At this stage I can only jump on days where the wind blows less than 14 miles an hour.  Being down in Miami (the dropzone is in Homestead)- its  a bit touch and go…but I am blessed to literally jump with the worlds best at what they do in Skydiving…so I will see ya’ll on #5!1-800-Let's Jump out of Plane Screaming!!!

1-800-Skydive!…Come jump with me!!!

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