Posted by: Ingrid Vanderveldt | February 6, 2009

Measles Outbreak in Ukraine Could be Severe…


Michael Bociurkiw of HUM News in Kiev

Michael Bociurkiw of HUM News in Kiev

Colleague of mine from HUM NEWS, Michael Bociurkiw and I were IM’ing this morning.  He is in Kiev and was just featured on the BBC talking about the potential measles outbreak in the Ukraine.


The BBC reports that last year a 17 boy died in Eastern Ukraine after being vaccinated for measles and rubella.  An investigation showed no causal link between the death and the vaccine.  However, due to lack of public trust in the vaccine might cause the government to have to exterminate 9 million vaccines.  Michael Bociurkiw says that without the vaccinations, the outbreak of measles could be extreme and go beyond the Ukraine borders.  

As mentioned in my first blog (the second one on the site)- I am looking forward to sending blog updates on endeavors that are important to me.  Everything I do revolves around entrepreneurship (and related thinking and execution) can provide global social and economic solutions.  Most of my blog topics will have to do with important global topics (that can be solved with creative, entrepreneurial thinking), global adventuring to find these entrepreneurs and of course all the related extreme sports with extreme entrepreneurs along the way.  For those of you reading these blogs, I hope that you find ideas, inspiration and information to fuel your own path to success.  I will certainly share anything and everything I learn from the successful entrepreneurs along the way.  In the case of Michael, this is a man who is representing the UN Children’s Fund- UNICEF and because of Michael- bringing awareness on a global scale to important issues that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Thank you Michael for all your hard work and big hugs from all of us here in the US-  IV


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