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HI EVERYONE! Thank you for visiting my blog!  I really appreciate your encouragement and companionship as we travel across the world to create Game Changing ventures!  Big things are happening and I have recently been asked to run the company that is fulfilling my dream to build a billion dollar company.  This is HUGE for me and will impact the world in ways that I have been asking the Universe to help me leverage my talents and skills sets to be able to do.  I have never done something this big, this fast and am excited, scared, humbled but most of all- FOCUSED. Its an alternative energy company and I can’t wait to fill you in on in.  

In the meantime- what I have committed to doing as part of my own life’s work is share with you my own journey of making it happen.  I have wanted to do this for years (share in the journey of what it takes to build a company) but in the past was off and running before I started recording the day-by-day- step-by-step process!  NO MORE.

So join me as we continue our journey together as we Build a Billion- the good, bad and ugly of making it all happen.  In this I hope you find inspiration, entertainment but most of all empowering information to make it happen in your own ventures.  You can find us daily on our blog:

 and of course here- on you can still gain access to our daily web show, On The Road with iV, help for your own business and coaching to make it all happen.  

Lots of love and great energy to all of you- and KEEP IT UP!  Its up to us entrepreneurs to – “be the change we want to see in the world” …

xoxo – your friend- iV

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Building Relationships When You Travel ( and Speak!)

Last week I was invited to speak at Babson College Entrepreneurship Forum.  Its amazing who you meet when you travel and have opportunities like this.  So when people ask you if you want to come and speak- if my schedule allows- i ALWAYS say yes!  On one panel- i met my new friends Grace Welch, Founder and CEO of Patemm ( and Terry Schwak of  Both amazing entrepreneurs running successful companies.

Jeff Katz & Future Babson Entrepreneurs from the E-Tower

Jeff Katz & Future Babson Entrepreneurs

On the next panel- i had the pleasure of speaking with Carol Atwood, Founder of Sparticus Capital who gave her insight on the future of media and technology.  Also on the panel was Jeff Katz- a piece of entertainment on his own and known as one of the youngest, most successful producers in Hollywood (think WOLVERINE).  Now, Jeff runs his own firm- American Original.

Traveling and speaking are two great ways to continue meeting new people and building the relationships that sustain in life and business.  BABSON set up the perfect environment to introduce top notch entrepreneurs to one another and a BIG THANKS for inviting me to come join you!

At Babson with Carol Atwood from Sparticus and Jeff Katz of American Original

At Babson with Carol Atwood from Sparticus and Jeff Katz of American Original

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Please help- take 2 minutes to VOTE :) I would be so grateful :)

SUBJECT: I would Luv Luv Luv to bring our message to SXSW!!!

Hi Friends & Partners in taking over the world!!! Wanted to send this note to you because I would like to have your support for a panel I’d like to be on for SXSWi 2010 (South by Southwest Interactive).

Voting for the 2010 Panel Picker will end at Midnight on FRIDAY!!!, September 4, 2009.

Thank you sooo much & I really appreciate your vote!!


Video on the Panel Picker:

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Here is Jesse James’ shop- WEST COAST CHOPPERS in Long Beach

Enjoy!  So looked forward to seeing this.  It was great to finally get to visit such a cool place…here it is in Long Beach…


The Girl to Gorgeous Project are 12-week program Series developed to inspire, empower and enable everyday women to live their most GORGEOUS life!  Specifically- I don’t know about you- but I DO know that I have found myself often saying- “I want to feel better, I want to look my best, I want to be, do and have MORE [money, success, travel, you name it]!!!”.  

Well, if any of this resonates with you too, you have come to the right place 🙂  The GIRL TO GORGEOUS Project has a number of different components to it that, when put together- embody the elements of living your most GORGEOUS life.  What is a GORGEOUS life?!- When you are spiritually, financially, emotionally and physically at your best.  When you can look in the mirror in gratitude and know- in your deepest sense of knowing- that you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that you are on your right path. 

The Girl to Gorgeous Project is based off of the thousands of hours I have spent with some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, artists, financial guru’s, stylists, trainers and more.  All of that knowledge, that has taken over 15 years to assimilate, put into practice and learn for myself what works and what has not- is now boiled down into 6, 1-hour long sessions designed to empower you to be, do and have your most GORGEOUS life….

So what does this mean to you?!…I am running TWO test sessions on the Girl to Gorgeous Project.  Both sessions are 12 weeks long, bi weekly calls (so 6 calls in total), one hour a piece.  These calls start in the NEXT TWO WEEKS  and will run through the first week in NOVEMBER.  These are TEST calls, so they are being offered for FREE  (I NEED TO TEST THESE SESSIONS OUT AND TWEAK THEM BASED ON YOUR FEEDBACK BEFORE THEY ARE OFFERED FOR FULL SALE.  You will receive ALL the benefits of a FULLY PAID client.) .  Each Series is a $4,500 VALUE to you- (clients pay $750/ hour for individual strategy sessions).

GIRL TO GORGEOUS PROJECT- “The Success Series”- is all about making your [entrepreneurial] dream happen in a way that allows you to do what you want and create the financial results along with your success.  So how do we DO IT?  How do we either become or better ourselves as successful entrepreneurs?  This Success Series will show you how.

At a "Success Series" Live Event.

At a "Success Series" Live Event.



GIRL TO GORGEOUS PROJECT- “The FAB Series”- (Fitness, Abundance, Beauty) is all about making bringing your inner beauty- OUT.  This Series is for those women who have an inner desire to be a Bond Girl (that’s my goal) or wear that little black dress if you don’t look like a rock star right?!  My goal is to see REAL results after the 12 weeks.  What I will share with you is the fact that I AM an everyday woman who has tried a number of different programs and has been able to put the one together for me- that delivers REAL results.  I will share with you those tips/ tricks and tools and inspire you along the way to make those dreams happen.

Post "Fitness Series" session at the pool with Wharton graduates (and entrepreneurial superstars!) Erin Vanderveldt (on left) and Jen Campbell (on right)

Post "FAB Series" session at the pool with Wharton graduates (and entrepreneurial superstars!) Erin Vanderveldt (on left) and Jen Campbell (on right)



The format of the calls is the following:  the first 30 minutes will be a coaching and teaching overview.  The second 30 minutes will be for Q&A. NOTE:  All calls will be recorded and will be made available for sale to those who want copies to listen to in the future.   

Here is what I am looking at from you…first of all- we need to see how many people are INTERESTED.  As mentioned- this is a TEST.  IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please send an email to:  In the SUBJECT LINE PLEASE WRITE 1 of 3 options:

1)  “GIRL TO GORGEOUS PROJECT:  Success Series” ($4,500 VALUE)


3)  BOTH. ($9,000 VALUE)

IN THE BODY OF YOUR EMAIL, Please write 3-5 reasons (one sentence per) why you want to participate and what you want to get out of the Series.

On Friday, August 15, 2009- those who have sent an email will need to REGISTER.  Sign up details will be provided to you along with guidelines you will need to read, review and approve before you register.  This will include times like: reading materials, the commitment forms (you can only miss 1 call), and a “promise to give back” sheet (this is the sheet that you outline the charity, company or organization you will donate 6 hours of your time (TOTAL) in exchange for your participation in the FREE TEST SESSIONS of The Girl to Gorgeous Project.

So what about the guys?!…These sessions are geared for women but the men are always welcome.  You will need to simply follow the same instructions above.

SO LET ME KNOW!!!!!  I AM SO EXCITED TO BE LAUNCHING THIS NEW OFFERING WITH YOU!!!!  These will be AMAZING Sessions and I can’t wait to talk to all of you!  The limit for each session is 30 people per session and it is a first come/ first serve offer.  SO SEND ME AN EMAIL AT IV@INGRIDVANDERVELDT.COM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!!!

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An Inspiring Quote and a Gift from The “Master of Misperception”


On The Road with iV featuring Dr. Steve Taubman

On The Road with iV featuring Dr. Steve Taubman


Featured in this week’s episodes of On The Road with iV ( is Dr. Steve Taubman, a former chiropractor, then magician, trainer, speakers and coach.  These days- he gets paid to help people all the way from little kids to corporate executive break through their mental blocks to achieve success.  he has two gifts for you- one is the quote below…the other is that he will send you a gift on “Instructions on How to Take a Powerbreak”…. you can receive this gift by sending Steve an email at .  Once he receives your email he will send this to you.

Hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did! xoxoxo


To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent person and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived–this is to have succeeded.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Tip of the Day- “Leveraging Your Rolodex to Make Something Happen”

Hi all from San Francisco today- hope ya’ll are having a great one!  Here is a tip on how to make something happen.  Seems easy enough- but I think many times- we just don’t want to do “the work”. Thankfully- tools like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In make doing business- and making something happen- that much easier….so wanna make your big idea happen?!- here’s how to get what you need.  Have a great day!!

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“How to create The Most Incredible Party”…VIDEO BLOG

Hi all: up for about 5 minutes before crashing back in bed from what appears NOT to be food poisoning but rather a bad case of the stomach flu…NOT FUN.  I wanted to post a few of these video’s though- still can’t believe this party.  It looks like it was a festival but it wasn’t…it was a party put on by DOS XX and held at the Young’s home- The Falkenstein Castle.

This is what happens when you mix a castle, music, a beer company and a bunch of money to put on a great party….unreal…you know when we talk about hiring a band or musicians for a party?…yeah…they did the whole stage etc. etc. in their backyard.  That would be the same backyard that the skydivers flew in, the bungee jumping was set up and the wind tunnel (for more skydiving) was hauled in.  Oh- and of course all the beer you could drink- pouring freely by the DOS XX girls…for my part?  I think i drank all their available water..that was before the nice policeman gave me and my crew a ride down to my car when i could no longer walk after the flu, food poisoning, whatever-this-is-called hit.  Up till then?  It was AWESOME :)!!!!

DOS XX wanted to celebrate and create the “Most Incredible Party”- which…I have to say- I think they did.

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This is WHAT HAPPENS when you Make 100 Skydives….SHORT VIDEO

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This is “how to celebrate 100 jumps!”…our girl Sarah Rotherham is being celebrated….lol- HAVE FUN!

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This is how to Shoot in TEJAS!- video blog

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!  I got to spend it with our wonderful friend Bill McGee and Zack Lewis in Dallas.  He and Glenn were shooting clays and I decided I would give it a whirl….well…lets just say I need a bit more practice…lol- just a funny video blog to break up your Monday! (at least now I know how to shoot a Benelli 12-gauge)   Skydiving on Saturday, UFC fights Saturday night and gun shooting on Sunday.  Not a bad weekend xoxo have a great week peeps!

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